We Reveal the Secrets of the Mineral Blush

Free mineral powders, no additives or colorings and completely hypoallergenic: the new frontier of the make up bio.

They are selected on the shelves shops for a while’, but let’s face it: what they are and how to use the mineral makeup? An initial investigation turn out to be of mineral dust composed of pure pigments, totally non-allergenic and potentially natural. But we understand better together what it is, and why are proving so successful.

What do we mean when we speak of mineral blush

The innovation is in the fact that it comes to cosmetic compounds solely by natural pigments in the form of mineral powders: the absence of perfumes, silicones, paraffins, oils or chemicals ago so as to make them safe against allergies, skin irritations or intolerances. The Mineral Make Up (often called MMU) are obtained by pulverization of minerals, crystals reduced to microscopic plates that adhere to the skin, leaving it, however, breathe and thus marking the first difference compared to conventional cosmetics. Mineral makeup is only composed of pure inorganic minerals, and in addition to the blush is also used as a foundationface powderseyeshadows and concealers.

How do you use mineral makeup?

You know those little jars full of iridescent dust, that just turn the lid color scatter all over the sink? Yes, we are talking precisely of these products. Their texture “dusty” differs from the traditional trick: the blush minerals are usually found in loose powder although, for obvious difficulties of application, some brands like Snow Cosmetics and BareMinerals have recently launched a palette of compact blush.

The mineral blush should be applied with the use of special brushes and in some cases the mineral powder is associated with small amount of water to obtain a creamy mixture. Care must be taken to avoid the “Heidi” effect since the products are highly pigmented minerals: the right amount of product and the movement of the brush are the secrets to a great success. Like the make up artist recommended, we must take quick circular motions to produce heat in contact with the cheekbone, and ensure that the mineral is “founded” better with the skin.

The benefits of the mineral blush

But if the handling them is a very sensitive issue, why have managed to conquer the market and so many women? It ‘obvious: the natural properties and especially results that minerals can give tricks are amazing, unparalleled by the products make up traditional.

In the short term, natural tricks have durability and opacity absolutely incomparable with respect to the make- traditional. The Mineral Make Up also filter UV rays while allowing the skin to breathe perfectly: prolonged use of mineral tricks promotes a healthier complexion, the pores are not clogged, and this limits the occurrence of pimples, points blacks or rashes, in addition to exclude any kind of allergy or hypersensitivity.

And how to recognize a true mineral makeup? Dall’INCI, the ingredient list of a mineral cosmetic. As for the minerals list should be short, in fact the ingredients are Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Kaolin Clay, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Manganese Violet, Ultramarines.

Where are the trucchiminerali?

In Italy it is not so easy to find mineral makeup products, although in America, France and many countries still mineral makeup is abundantly widespread: for example, not all large commercial cosmetic brands have developed for the Italian market this type of makeup .BareScentuals is the American brand pioneer of this type of make up and launched the lineBareMinerals that for some time you may find in some selected perfume Sephora.

On specialized sites but above all the blogs of the most passionate on the subject, are often listed brands that offer face powders, foundation and blush minerals, often with the ability to buy them online. The site dedicated themineralmakeup.com-in English- collects all the news about it, anticipating news not yet arrived in Italy.

BareMinerals–Ready Blush

Features: pure colors, bright, bright and long lasting, hard on the cheeks up to 8 hours. At the basis of an exclusive complex of marine origin and of cold-pressed camellia oil, its mineral formula has been compacted for an ultra velvety effect on the skin.

Colori disponibili 6: The One, The Faux Pas, The French Kiss, The Whisper, The Close Call, The Secret’s Out.

Price: € 26.50.

Pure mineral-Phard / Blush

Features: Perfect fast dust brushed on the cheekbones to mask fatigue and to illuminate the face. The different shades are matt or shimmering version.

10 Available colors: Camelia, Coraline, Apricot, Aurora, Diva, Dawn, Sunset, Eros, Hibiscus, Malìa.

Price: € 11 per 5 grams. A mini version, € 3.9 per 01 gram.

Snow Cosmetics – Blush Minerals

Features: without preservatives, silicones, glycerin or petrolatum. Formulated to reduce the risk of allergy and perfume, and especially strictly Made in Italy andcruelty free .

Colori: Bubblegum, Cherry Flower, Cocktail, Creamy, English Rose, Heidi , Ikebana, Lolita, London Mood, Manhattan, Origami, Paris, Soho, Summertime, Venere, London Mood, Swinging London, Delhi, Bombay, Noblesse, Boudoir.

Price: € 12.90, 4 grams. Made Mini € 3.90 to 0.7 grams.

Elf–Mineral Blush

By characteristic: minerals to 100%, free from parabens, preservatives and chemical dyes.

Colori disponibili 7: Joy, Coral, Bliss, Rose, Plum, Peachy, Pink.

Price: € 6 per 3.4 grams.

MAC – Mineralize Blush

By characteristic processed minerals refined: in a powder formula to provide exceptionally impalpable and lightweight application.

Colori disponibili 6: Dainty, Gentle, Warm Soul, Love Joy, Alpine Bronze, Amber Glow.

Price: € 25.50 per 3.5 grams.

Essence – Colour arts pigmenti

Features: for younger, iridescent pure pigments in vivid colors to be applied on wet basis for eyes, lips and nails. On their website they offer tips on how to mix the colors and pigments to obtain not only blush, but also eye shadows, rich gloss and nail polish.

Colori disponibili 20: black sparrow, star dust, fairy dust, broadway starlet, little mermaid, dory in love, blueberry muffin, pure love, miss piggy’s lollipop, strawberry smoothie, box of chocolates, cop & copper, smell the caramel, studio 54, kiss the frog, paparedzzi, wow it’s orange, safety first, be my brightsmaid, cotton candy.

Price: € 2.90.

Vitage – Natural Blush

Features: formula created using a grinding process specialist to refine crude mineral ingredients.

3 colors available: Peach Fusion, Pink Perfection, Mocha Delight.

Price: € 22.05 for 3 grams.

 Jade Minerals – Aloe Vera Blush

Characteristics: the ingredients are all natural, Mica, Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera) powder, Titanium Dioxide, Carmine. Also try lip.

Colori disponibili 14: Rosey pink, Opal berry, Earthy reddish brown, Soft rose, Pale pink, Deep coral pink, Dusty rose brown, Pale Pink Shimmer, Mauve plum, Soft peach, Earthy rose, Muted mauve, Red pink, Coral pink.

Price: € 12 per 5 grams.


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