Vult 10 Years Cosmetic-Releases

The vult, one of the most respected national complete makeup this year 10 years history in the market, within the cosmetics segment. Bringing to its customers quality products with affordable vult won very fast space between big names on the same thread. As their celebration of 10 years and enjoying the beauty fair 2014 the vult showed many novelties in the world of makeup. The following is more information about the releases.

Releases 10-year


To celebrate 10 years of success in the brazilian market, the vult cosmetics brought to the beauty fair 2014 their upcoming releases. Are some news, and other products that are returning for the immense success they did.

The great success of all launches were shadows palettes villains from disney, which were inspired by three major villains of the classics of fairy tales. Altogether there are three palettes a malevolent, eve’s queen and cruella de vil.

Another new feature is the collection of enamels because vult had not yet, and now has launched 56 different colors, with various effects and tones. And the great advantage outside the quality vult, is the big bushe, who is a super application.


The vult also brought new colors of lipsticks, in your new packaging, are three nvos tones, a pretty basic half nude, one pink and one red, with 69 color their numbering, 70 and 71. color color

Another big news from vult was matte liquid foundation to high duration and which will be available in 8 colors

Continuing with products for the face, the brand also brought the blush mosaic that brings a mixture of natural colors and luminous finish. In the same where came bronzer soleil.

Another novelty that many people are going to love is not a release, is the palette of eyebrows that came last year in limited edition, but now they decided to bring back the shops.

That among many other news that’s coming.