Uganda’s landscape, vegetation and wildlife attract many tourists. Short for UGA by abbreviationfinder, the country of Uganda has ten national parks, among them the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where almost half of the world’s mountain gorillas live. The mountain gorillas are endangered and in 2011 it was estimated that there are about 880 mountain gorillas left, of which about 400 in Bwindi. According to countryaah, the park has East Africa’s richest wildlife and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Uganda – 17 days

Day 1 Departure

Early departure from Sweden. Upon arrival in Kampala, you will be met by your English-speaking guide for further transport to your hotel.

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Day 2 Kampala – Bwindi

After an early breakfast, you will be picked up for transfer to the airport and on to the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. About half of the world’s mountain gorillas and 346 different bird species live here. On arrival you will be met by your guide for transfer to your lodge. It’s green, green and exciting. The roads meander up the volcanic slopes and the journey is slow. You have time to both enjoy the views and look for chameleons and monkeys by the roadside. In the afternoon you will arrive at your lodge in Nkuringo south of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Clouds Lodge is owned by the local villages and run in collaboration with our partner Wildplaces Africa. This is a unique project in Uganda and gives you an exclusive insight into the life of the villages in this remote place.

Accommodation: Clouds Lodge, Nkuringo (full board including drinks)

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 Bwindi

Tracking gorillas in the dense vegetation of Bwindi for a day is a magical experience. If you are lucky, you will find the gorillas, spend an hour with them and return to the lodge in time for lunch. In Bwindi, however, it is more common for gorilla groups to be difficult to find and the hike can take all day, especially if it has rained and is muddy. From Nkuringo you get an exclusive experience as there is only one gorilla group and very few visitors. You spend your second day at Clouds relaxing, enjoying the surroundings and visiting the nearby village.

Accommodation: Clouds Lodge, Nkuringo (full board including drinks)

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Day 7 Bwindi – Semliki Wildlife Reserve

In the morning you travel on by flight from Bwindi to Semliki. On arrival you will be met by your safari guide who will take

is with you to your camp. You arrive in time for lunch and in the afternoon you go on your first safari.

Camp: Semliki Safari Lodge, Semliki Wildlife Reserve (full board including drinks)

Day 8 Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Throughout the day, you explore Semliki together with your knowledgeable and experienced guides. Surrounded by lush mountains, the scenic park offers stunning views of the Semiliki River and Congo. Enjoy the tranquility of the forest, watch the rich bird life by the wetlands and try to boil an egg in the hot springs. 400 bird species have been observed. Among the mammals there are elephants and for the animal lover such exciting species as quote tongue, water muskrat and flying squirrels, as well as many kinds of monkeys: gray-cheeked mangab, black and white guereza, olive baboon, green market, redtail market, nun market and blue market. Chimpanzees occur, but are rarely seen.

Camp: Semliki Safari Lodge, Semliki Wildlife Reserve (full board including drinks)

Day 9 Semliki Wildlife Reserve – Kidepo Valley

After breakfast you will drive to the airport for further flights to Kidepo. You arrive at your destination in the morning and in connection with the trip to your hotel you get to experience your first safari. Welcome to the Kidepo Valley in the northernmost corner of Uganda. The park is home to lions, cheetahs, antelopes, ostriches and water buffalo. In Kidepo, more than 474 bird species have been registered with some of East Africa’s most rare and sought-after birds. With a little luck, you can see the Black-breasted barbet and Karamoja Apalis. In the afternoon you go on another safari with your guide.

Camp: Apoka Lodge, Kidepo National Park (full board including drinks)

Day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Kidepo Valley

In the coming days you will experience one of East Africa’s most beautiful and most isolated national parks. The best thing is that the park is at your disposal, the risk of encountering other vehicles inside the park is relatively small. It is also possible to experience an exciting hiking safari, you book this via the lodge. Towards the border with Sudan you can get a glimpse of Kidepo’s ostriches. Lunch is served with the park as a view and later in the afternoon you choose between “game drive” or (for a fee) pay a visit to the village Karamojongo.

Camp: Apoka Lodge, Kidepo National Park (full board including drinks)

Day 16 Kidepo Valley – Entebbe / Homecoming

After breakfast you return by plane to Kampala. During the evening, your flight then goes to Sweden.

Day 17 Homecoming

You land again in Sweden.

Uganda's landscape

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