Exotic tours to the Kingdom of Nepal, a real mecca for esoteric lovers, allow you to learn more about ancient spiritual practices, meditation and Tibetan medicine. There is no oil, gold, diamonds here – but there are the highest mountains in the world, the deepest gorge in the world.

Currency: Nepalese rupee, 1 USD is equal to approximately 73 NPR.

Language: The official language is Nepali. English is common in cities and tourist centers

Capital: Kathmandu

Official name: Kingdom of Nepal.

Population: About 25 million people, the average population density is about 168 people. per sq. km. More than 100 nationalities and castes live in the country, speaking 70 languages ​​and dialects.

Ethnic Groups: The numerous groups of Nepalese can be divided into two major families, the Tibetan and the Nepalese. In the Tibetan group, Sherpas and Gerungs stand out especially. The origin of some ethnic groups has not yet been established and is one of the many mysteries of Nepal.

Religion: Nepal is the only Hindu kingdom in the world (Hindu make up about 80% of the population). Hindu temples and Buddhist tombs are located throughout the kingdom. Nepal is the birthplace of the Buddha. Other religions: Buddhism – 12% and the rest are Muslim.

How to get there: Two airlines fly from Moscow to Kathmandu: Etihad Airways with a change in Abu Dhabi, Fly Dubai with a stop in Dubai and Qatar Airways with a change in Doha. You can also fly via Delhi (Aeroflot) + domestic flight on Air Kathmandu.

Visa: All visitors to Nepal except Indian citizens must have valid passports and an entry visa. To obtain a visa, you must provide a questionnaire, two photographs, a valid passport. The term for issuing a visa is 3 days from the date of submission of documents. The visa can be extended at the Immigration Department in Kathmandu – tel.: 4412-337, 4418-573. When crossing the border, a passport with an entry visa and an insert are presented. A tourist visa can be issued by any Nepalese embassy or consulate abroad or at the Nepalese border crossing point. It is also possible to obtain a visa on the spot, at the airport. For the issuance of a tourist visa, a fee is charged in Nepalese rupees at the official rate based on: single entry visa (15 days) – 25 USD; single entry visa (30 days) – 40 USD; double entry visa (30 days) – 100 USD. The Department of Immigration has the right to extend the tourist visa. During a calendar year, a tourist can stay in Nepal for no more than 150 days. Tourist visa extensions are subject to a fee in Nepalese Rupees at the official exchange rate of US$1 per day of stay. Customs There are no restrictions on the import and export of foreign currency. Duty-free import of up to 100 cigarettes or 25 cigars, up to 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages or 12 cans of beer, up to 15 rolls of film and personal items is allowed.

SPA in Asia

Modern SPA resorts in Asia go beyond the usual rest and relaxation, it is a kind of laboratory of bodily harmony and physical perfection. For, as psychology says, “mind and body are parts of a single cybernetic system,” therefore, it is on vacation, when we rest with both soul and body, that magical changes occur. Improvement and rejuvenation of the physical body improves our mood, self-esteem, and therefore expands the horizons of our lives in all areas.

Scientists have proven that of all the representative systems of man, the most ancient and powerful is touch (the amoeba had neither sight nor hearing, but had a sense of the body), which is why Asia pays so much attention to working with the body. This is the knowledge and experience about the “secrets and mysteries” of the human body, accumulated and transmitted by monks and healers from antiquity: about the meridians, the balance of the chakras and the sacred energy of a person. Any therapy begins with cleansing, and then balancing all body systems and finding inner harmony.

The most effective spa hotels are those with a systematic approach to healing the body, which include time-tested, most effective therapy technologies: an individually selected diet, massage, aromatherapy, herbal and spice treatment grown in ecologically clean areas. This is complemented by yoga, tai chi, breathing practices by the ocean.

In Asia, it is important that the space in which the treatment is carried out is important, the space should be filled with a feeling of cleanliness, comfort and promote maximum relaxation, which is why most of the elite Spa hotels are located in secluded places, in the mountains, surrounded by jungles, by the ocean.

In just two weeks at the spa, you have a real chance to change! Passing Spa procedures in a tropical paradise, surrounded by the greenery of the jungle, you can experience a spiritual uplift, feel a sense of novelty, as if the body throws off old scales and comes to life, breathes, is filled with pure energy and becomes lighter and more sensitive. Feel yourself self-sufficient and perfect in every sense, beautiful, healthy, reborn for a happier life!

Tours to Nepal

Tours to Nepal
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