The Original Unbalanced Makeup of Marion Cotillard in The Dior Lady Grey London Look

John Galliano wit never fails to amaze me. This time, as inspiration for the fourth installment of the video Dior Lady Grey London in honor of the iconic French company bag. The makeup was entrusted to Stéphane Marais and its asymmetric strokes they are fantastic.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, the look is that of a mysterious, inspiring and sophisticated Muse to the fatal femme. I’ve been fascinated by the asymmetric design of the eyebrows, ideal for leaving this next new year’s Eve and bulldoze. To make the contrast even more, the straight bangs, strict and short is the icing on the cake.

Of the smoky eyes We have spoken widely in sweeping. This is not particularly dark or of wide orbit even if perfectly applied as eye makeup intense in dark grey. I like much more than the black.

The beautiful Marion Cotillard It is lucky to have a slightly almond eyes. To promote it even more, line in intense black frames the eye and extends it with a claw that reaches up to almost the end of the eyebrow. The bottom line includes the line inside the eye.

Set, volumized included, illuminates it the satin white eye shadow and the two points of light in both tear ducts. If you are going to recreate the look, be careful in do not touch the tear itself or you will begin to cry and your makeup will be damaged until it dries the tears.

¡Qué most original eyebrows! The more straight is the bangs, more asymmetrical look. If they wanted to break schemes, they have succeeded with an excellent. With the help of a eyebrow Shaper or eyes, for once there are no concentrate on both strokes are equal. Even blend, just need to finish an eyebrow upwards and the other downwards, over the natural hair of the eyebrow.

The Maroon colour of the lips (much more red in the video), along with the hairstyle, is Marion that gives that air of fatal woman who does not advise unless it is that the final intention. If your purpose is a traditional smoked makeup (if you might as well call this trend look), Choose a nude or a gloss in skin tone. Note that it takes almost no Rouge, should be very soft, just one touch of color from the ear to the mouth.

This new year’s Eve, you will be the Muse of sweeping.