The It-Girls That Reign in Great Britain

The It-girls (or fashion girls) have a common characteristic, such as they arrive, disappear. They come to be everywhere: press, internet, television, music … have their moment and after that, gradually fall into oblivion. We have had streams of It-Girls of all kinds, models such as Agness Deyn o Irina Lazareanu, that it already claimed that it was going to be the successor to the top among the tops, Kate Moss; actresses who them been recognized more your style than his role in the film, such as the icon of Chloe Sevigny…

But now have to turn to the British it-girls. Its characteristics are common, desfasan, have to do with the world of music, star in advertising campaigns, are everywhere and in this case, are good friends.

We started with the most glamorous of this group, Miss Alexa Chung

Alexa was model, it has a perfect face, a few feet of wire and a style, at least, impeccable. It became known for his romance with the singer of the British band Artic Monkeys and currently, between event and event, presented a program on American MTV.

His slanted eyes and his surname is due to that her father is Japanese. No one can doubt that this girl has something, a very correct style for what is the style between the It-girls London. The keys of their look: mixing brands such as Top Shop with their favorite bags of Mulberry, Californian Wicks, eye liner, sailor t-shirts and parkas combined with outfits of Louis Vuitton. You may like or not like, but we must recognise that the girl has style.

Alexa spent two good friends himself, who in addition are sisters: Pixie and Peaches Geldof. Also related with music and fashion, they are daughters of singer Bob Geldof.

Peaches, the largest of the two, followed the path of his mother and maintained a love affair with the singer of the band The Horrors, Pixie, however no known le romances but if you know what the Diesel brand image.

Despite having many things in common as sisters who are, styling a rockero, a life filled with parties and festivals, Pixie It has a more groundbreaking style and grunge than her sister.

His hair has gone from red to oxygenated rubio and Rubio oxygenated to gray. Keys: a style very Candem Town with half broken and wool caps mixed with designer clothing.

Peaches, the sister more naif, also has that vein rock that runs through their genes, however, his style is not so extreme. She is more than long hair, flowers and decorations for the head dresses.

A brit-chic in all rule.

Finally, the impressive Daisy Lowe. Daisy, also belongs to the Group of It-girls that sound strong in Britain and surrounding area. Here next to Peaches Geldof.

She is model, so it is characterized by an enviable physique, a long dark mane and legs of model, bone, heart attack. Its look is less marked, faithful to the black and the red lips bar, which sometimes tends to be a success. We leave with Daisy.

With this leather look is impressive