The Best Treatments to Combat Sagging on the Face and Stay Younger

To combat the signs of aging in the face, eliminating the sagging, the wrinkles, and expression lines can turn to use cream anti-wrinkle and taking a supplement of collagen from the age of 30 years.

However, there are several options for aesthetic treatments that increase the oxygenation of the skin, that make the creams to penetrate more deeply and increase the production of collagen which are the fibers that give support to the skin. Thus, the main treatments available to take the sagging of the face are:

1. Do a aesthetic treatment

The treatments that can be performed by the physiotherapist in clinical aesthetic, to improve the texture and firmness of the skin, finishing off with the sagging, are:

  1. Rf: it is a procedure that uses a small device that slips up the face by generating heat to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and improve its tone;
  2. Procedure: it is made with the application of small injections containing CO2, to stimulate oxygenation and elimination of toxins by the skin, making it more rejuvenated and firm;
  3. Chemical Peeling: it is done with the application of acids in the face, which remove the most superficial layer and middle of the skin, stimulating the production of a new layer firm and resistant, which completely eliminates the blemishes on the face, acne scars, furrows and expression lines;
  4. Mesolift or Mesotherapy: made from multiple microinjeções with substances rejuvenating in the skin of the face and neck, such as vitamins A, E, C, B, or K and hyaluronic acid, which moisturize and regenerate the skin, reducing the sagging;
  5. Laser or pulsed light: these are procedures done by a device that emit light and heat, as a way of improving the texture of skin and to remove wrinkles, blemishes and signs;
  6. Microagulhamento with Derma Roller: for the stimulation of collagen production, it uses a small device packed with microagulhas that slide by the face, making small holes. The goal is to injure the skin so that the body itself, to treat of the regeneration of the skin, and form a new layer more firm.
  7. Iontophoresis: it Is a treatment that consists in placing a small plate directly on the wrinkle you want to eliminate containing substances such as hyaluronic acid, hexosamina or alkaline phosphatase, for example to promote the penetration of these substances in a more profound way in order to increase the production of new cells and collagen that support the skin, eliminating the wrinkle that is being treated;
  8. Microcurrent:improvement in the nutrition and oxygenation of the skin, having a revitalizing effect and also stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen in larger quantities and of better quality;
  9. Current Russian:are small electrodes placed on the face that lead to increased blood circulation and muscle tone, combating sagging and wrinkles;
  10. Laser HeNe:emits beams of light that promote the increase of collagen fibers in the places where it is applied.

The Best Treatments to Combat Sagging on the Face and Stay Younger 1

These treatments achieve optimal results, but should be carried out as a form of treatment, always biweekly or monthly, with maintenance periods so that the results can be maintained over time, avoiding the need to resort to other treatments such as Botox or even plastic surgery.

These aesthetic treatments can begin to be carried out since the appearance of the first wrinkles, around 30 – 35 years of age and do not exclude the need to use creams, anti-wrinkle, and make a diet that is rich in collagen.

  1. Eat more collagen and antioxidants

To eliminate the sagging of the face and other locations of the body, it is important to consume foods rich in amino acids and collagen, found in meat, eggs, milk, grains and citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, kiwi, tangerine. The collagen can also be supplemented with the consumption of capsules of daily use, bought at natural food stores. Learn how to take collagen hydrolysate, that reaffirms the skin from the inside out.

Food antioxidants are also very important for the maintenance of the skin. The best antioxidants are present in fruits, vegetables, such as cabbage, carrot, beet, tomato and chia seeds, and flaxseed.

But in addition to this, it is very important to keep the body well hydrated, as water improves the circulation, eliminating toxins and swelling and also renews the production of colágenos of the skin, being crucial to that the other treatments have a good effect. Green tea is an excellent option that helps to prevent aging of the skin, reducing the chances of sagging, and can be consumed on a daily basis.

The Best Treatments to Combat Sagging on the Face and Stay Younger 2

3. Gym facial

The muscles of the face burrow into the skin and therefore make the fitness facial is a great way to combat wrinkles, expression lines, and elevate the eyelids and eyebrows in a natural way. The exercises should be performed facing the mirror, and can be used to hand as a way to provide more resistance and difficulty to the exercise. This manual resistance can be used in alternating fashion, simultaneously or in a direction diagonal, but preferably should be taught by the physiotherapist, taking into consideration the individual needs of each person. Here are some examples of practical exercises and easy to the gym facial for fine-tuning the face and reduce sagging.

4. Facial creams

The best creams anti-wrinkle are based on hyaluronic acid, DMAE, collagen, resveratrol, vitamin C and Vitamin E, because they have an antioxidant effect and firming, because it stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, which provide firmness and support to the skin.

These creams are found ready in the pharmacy, or are manipulated with the recipe of the dermatologist or therapist, and can be used to decrease or to prevent the sagging of the face, when they begin to arise the lines of expression. Can be used at night, or day, with a sunscreen for the face.

5. Plastic surgery

As a last resort there is still the plastic surgery called facelift, to eliminate wrinkles and removes excess fat from the face, giving a more youthful appearance. Learn more about the indications, the price and the recovery of the facelift. Another option of plastic surgery is the blepharoplasty, which lifts the eyelids and helps to improve the appearance of the person more easily. However, to maintain the results obtained by the plastic surgery will be necessary to continue using creams, anti-wrinkle, consume hydrolyzed collagen and appeal to the aesthetic treatments.

The Best Treatments to Combat Sagging on the Face and Stay Younger 3