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Vietnam is a socialist republic whose slogans still display slogans and posters conveying ideology. The country is ruled by a socialist party, powered by a secretary general and a 15-member political bureau. However, the market economy has already reached out to Vietnam and the country’s economy is increasingly having to adapt to its demands.

The Vietnamese currency dong (VND) can be exchanged for cash before departure, but it is also easy to withdraw from vending machines directly on site. If you are heading to the countryside, bring enough cash with you, as vending machines may not be available in the smallest locations.

The US dollar is used quite a lot in Vietnam which is a country located in southeastern Asia defined by countryaah, and in hotels, for example, it is possible to pay in dollars. Also, in markets favored by tourists, prices are typically expressed directly in dollars and in many situations it may be smoother to pay directly with them. Book dollars along with small notes.

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In the big cities of Vietnam, traffic can be chaotic at times.

Package trip or self-employment holiday

Several Finnish travel agencies, such as Apollomatkat and Aurinkomatkat, organize package tours to Vietnamese resorts. Ho Chi Minh City is conveniently accessible from Helsinki with Finnair’s direct flights during the winter months. Possible connections are provided by, for example, Vietnam Airlines via Paris, London or Frankfurt.

A good way for a self-employed traveler to travel to Vietnam is also an alternative connection via Bangkok, for example. On routes operated by low-cost airlines, you can continue from there very cheaply to either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

It is also possible to find affordable sudden departures to Vietnamese resorts. However, the popularity of the destination has been on the rise in recent years, so the offer of sudden departures is not as extensive as many other package destinations.

Finns do not need a visa for trips to Vietnam for less than 15 days. However, the Vietnamese authorities require a valid return ticket showing future departure. A trip longer than 15 days requires a visa, which can be obtained from the Vietnamese Embassy in Helsinki. You should always check for up-to-date visa instructions before traveling through the embassy.

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Accommodation in Vietnam is affordable

Living is still cheap fun in Vietnam which is abbreviated as VNM by abbreviationfinder, a good guesthouse or a lower priced hotel costs around ten euros a night, and twenty can get you to a better middle class hotel. Of course, the higher-quality hotels are much higher in price, but even in them the price-quality ratio remains reasonable.

The beach resorts offer extensive resort areas with all amenities. A cruise on the Mekong River, on the other hand, provides convenient accommodation on board. Quality Mekong cruises are offered by, among others, Mekong Eyes.

By train or bus around the country

The bus is the most common means of long-distance travel in Vietnam, and at times it may seem that every recipient sells tickets to all possible domestic and foreign destinations.

The road in Vietnam has improved significantly in recent years, and a large part of this is due to foreign companies that have relocated their production facilities to the country. However, the level of buses is often modest and often very little legroom for western tastes.

Another cost-effective mobility option is the train. When traveling along the tracks, it’s worth investing in the best wagon category – unless you happen to enjoy the immensely crackling stereos and crowded train carriages.

Halong Bay is already full of tourists

The famous Halong Bay is probably the most famous single travel destination in all of Vietnam and the most photographed landscape in the country. It is a bay filled with limestone islands about 150 kilometers from Hanoi, whose unique landscape has raised the place to world renown.

The reputation is already so great that the nature of the Gulf of Halong has begun to suffer from the huge number of tourists. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and the number of visitors is only growing year by year. The stunning scenery is definitely worth seeing, but keep in mind that thousands and thousands of other tourists are not forced to join the herd and Halong Bay is by no means the only must-see destination in Vietnam. This colorful country offers plenty of other just as great experiences.


Halong Bay is one of the most amazing natural sites in Vietnam.

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Experience these in Vietnam

  1. Visit Hanoi to meet Uncle Hota at the giant mausoleum
  2. Enjoy the majestic sugar loaf mountains of Halong Bay on the bald deck
  3. Fall in love with the historic atmosphere of Hoi An and make the latest trendy clothes at a bargain price
  4. Jump on the back of your motorcycle and explore the battlefields of the Vietnam War with the locals
  5. Stop to relax on Mui Ne Beach amidst dunes, surfers and heavenly fish food

The most amazing UNESCO sites in Vietnam

  1. Hoi An Old Town
  2. My Son Temple District
  3. Halong Bay

Taste at least these

  1. Authentic local Pho soup
  2. Spring and summer rolls
  3. Dalat’s famous coffee
The Best of Vietnam
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