Terracotta Guerlain 2011 Makeup Collection: New Products for Face and Body

A compact Terracotta was sold worldwide in 2009 every 25 seconds. The success of the bronzing powders from Guerlain It transcends borders since its creation in 1984. Each summer, the French brand surprises us with a whole Terracotta collection and this is the one of 2011.

Terracotta is a synonym of skin tanned all year round. The success of this range of makeup Sun tone is the aspect of natural Tan that brings, both to clear skins the most tanned. The good side effect It is immediate, and recent years have focused on finding the different shades for every skin. It became a collection of make-up itself.

Very soon we are going to lighten our clothes, to show arms and legs. Each year, at the end of the cold season, we get to see of a pale unbearable and Terracotta tone is fantastic to reach the full summer Tan. It not only gives facial, also body makeup. We are going to discuss the news.

Terracotta Skin – Fond de Teint Bonne Mine

Going to crave lighten clothing and also the makeup textures. As soon as the temperatures increase, the thick and creamy color bases will begin to annoy and shine. Each year, Guerlain launches in Terracotta a perfect formula for the summer. That lightness of color on the face is called in 2011 Terracotta Skin.

Present it as Fond de Teint Bonne Mine which, translated from French, means good basis of color face. It is described as a powder fluid, ultra-light but concealer makeup of imperfections at the same time. It comes to be a makeup covering without the thickness that tend to have. I can imagine the feeling as the Fabric Face of Armani, will have to try it.

They have adopted the two tones that exist in other products in Terracotta color: Blondes No. 1 and no. 2 Brunettes. Tube costs 45 euros and, in my experience, can last you 2-3 summer months perfectly. The oily skins are in luck: the volatile oils containing the product will slide to the maximum on the skin they evaporate, there will be no feeling fat.

Terracotta serum (limited edition)

The two following innovations are limited edition: only available summer 2011. The Terracotta Serum It is a liquid product that benefits from the As Booster technology: It speeds up, maintains and prolongs the Tan skin. It is the active principle of the compact bronzing powders as Booster of the same range, launched a few years ago.

This gel in drops has the ability (in vitro tests of the brand) of stimulate the production of melanin. Tanning fans going to worship, and for whom we don’t have the possibility of Sun and sand in summer, a remedy look natural Brown.

Its features include a coloring effect without the risk of stains, does not contain perfume and serves to face and body. How to use it? Drops of the serum is mixed with cream before applying to the skin. Recommended: 2 drops mixed with your facial treatment and 4 drops with the body. Is price? The dropper contains 28 ml. and costs 51 euro.

Terracotta Gazelle Jambes (limited edition)

I’m going to dedicate the presentation of the Jambes Gazelle terracotta a person who begins the summers with averages because their legs are so white that it does not want to go out without covering them. It is one fresh with color mist and Tanning accelerator. A 2 X 1 which must not be confused with an autobronzant product: it is not.

Quiet: advertise that does not stain, There is no transfer of color in clothes and that is very natural. Jambes of Gazelle also contains the principle as Booster of which I spoke, stimulates melanin but is not autobronzant. They are two different principles.

The perfume that smell is a sweet orange extract (long live the citrus aromas and the summer!). It is also the cool touch of this haze of easy application to will alleviate the heaviness in legs. Dries in seconds and can be used both to sublimate a white skin and enhance the already dark skin, giving it a golden and bright tone. It also costs 51 euro.

With the selection that already has the line Terracotta, adding these new products so sweet, more than a will to go beyond the limits of our budget in beauty this summer. Fear gives me try it!