Sunscreen in Capsule: the Novelty of Summer

This is the best time of year for those who want to leave the skin more beautiful color, getting a Tan. In these summer months, people run to the coast to get to sea to cool off from the heat or else go to the clubs take a bath of pool or how about a walk outdoors with friends and a nice bath in the waterfall?

No matter your vibe. In any place like that you can lie down comfortably on top of your cover and get that much Skin yellowish spend days locked in an Office working. The problem is that a lot of people take chances much in time to take a sunbath.

We all know what are appropriate times to be exposed to the Sun, but we insist on making the wrong way in the name of beauty. Only the UV rays are extremely dangerous to the health, destroy collagen, aging skin and causing wrinkles. However, the most serious of all is that you can end up developing skin cancer.

Oral photoprotectors


Have you heard of them? These capsules help to get that gorgeous Tan without running any risk of getting many hours exposed to the Sun, they can be bought ready or can be purchased in a compounding pharmacy by prescription.

The capsules have several substances which increase the pigmentation of the skin, including beta carotene, an antioxidant that has a very important nutrient, vitamin a. due to these properties, the sunscreen can ease the capsule in skin problems caused by the Sun.

See what are the basic care to have a beautiful skin!


The fact that they are herbal remedies, namely, natural substances, offer less risks than the common Tan. But do they really work? Anyone can use? How should they be used? See the answer to these and other questions below.

The photoprotectors work or not?

The answer is Yes, they work. The antioxidants present in the capsule help fight the mutagenic action of DNA caused by UV rays incidence. They can modify the DNA chain and when cells replicate with this mobile element so important, defective, begins to develop the tumor. The antioxidant action reduces the chances that occur.


In addition to this serious damage that the Sun’s rays can cause to our health, we can still talk about the increase of spots and skin aging.

Are free radicals produced by UV rays they age the cell and destroy collagenfibers. In this way the expression lines and wrinkles begin to appear sooner. The antioxidant action of the capsule also manages to mitigate these effects.

How to use sunscreen in capsule

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the oral sunscreen at least does not replace the common sunscreen . What happens is that the capsule helps to reduce the harmful health effects that are caused by the Sun’s rays even when we’re using the protector topic.

The photo protector must only be used under a physician’s guidance. Each patient needs a number of different antioxidants, that when you need it. It is also necessary to be attentive to the contraindications. For example, a patient with impaired hepatic function may not be able to metabolise the beta-carotene present in formula.