Style in Berlin: Diane Kruger and Other Models in The Feast of Escada

The litter of models that has given the world a country as cold and hard as Germany, almost as significant as the volume generated by countries is twice as large: and is that Claudia Schiffer or Tajana Patitz are only the tip of the iceberg of a large group of mannequins that have made German beauty hallmark.

Yesterday was inaugurated the Berlin fashion week with one party sponsored by Escada and there was the new generation of German representatives to provide full support to the event.

Diane Kruger, that was successful before actress model, I went back to highlight with a Fuchsia dress, dicretisimo and elegant, and there was no more than reaffirm that old Europe exports the best of the best.

The past and present of the German models were still in style: Nadja Auermann, with an extremely simple dress (I liked more the last time we saw it), and Julia Stegner, radiant with mini-dress in velvet and tulle.