Speyer takes a visit to history. The beautiful city of Speyer combines a long history with modern Central Europe. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday!

Speyer is known for his handsome church

Located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany , the small Speyer is a prime example of a small Central European town where the historic center lives in harmony with the more modern world.


Speyer, with a population of about 50,000, is not a huge tourist center, but for a day or a few there is plenty to see. The city is known above all for its handsome cathedral, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another well-known attraction is the Speyer Museum of Technology, which will be seen from afar. The name familiar to Formula fans, on the other hand, is probably Hockenheimring, just a quarter of an hour’s drive from the center of Speyer.

The history of Speyer, which grew at the bend of the Rhine, dates back more than two thousand years, when the city was inhabited by the Romans. Traces of the Romans can still be seen and in later periods of history, especially the Baroque style and Romanesque architecture have left their mark on Speyer’s look.

Speyer is typically traveled as part of a longer tour of Germany. The transport connections are good both by road and by train. For example, for car holidaymakers traveling to the wine regions of southern Germany, Speyer is a geographically excellent stopover before the start of the Baden Wine Route .

Speyer is located in a wine region – order food with tastings of local produce.

Speyer is located in a wine region

Speyer is suitable for year-round tourism

Like any Central European city, Speyer is at its most beautiful in summer. Of course, the city is also suitable for visiting at any other time of the year. Under Christmas, the atmosphere is created by Speyer’s own Christmas market. In the wine region, the autumn harvest season is also a beautiful time – and also delicious when restaurants get to take advantage of the freshest produce in the fields.

Speyer is a safe and easy destination where all tourist services work well and the reception is friendly. The tourist is doing well here in English, but of course basic German skills are helpful. German language skills are now significantly better than their reputation, and rarely do anyone meet the old generation who do not understand – or do not want to understand – foreign languages.

Be sure to leave tips at all times when shopping at German restaurants. Smooth service should always be thanked for a small tip. It can be rounded directly to the grand total or left in cash on the table. Tipping is a necessity in Germany, and failure to provide it is only possible if the customer has been treated exceptionally badly.

As a shopping town, Speyer is quite small, but still easy and pleasant – everything is conveniently located in the compact center around Maximilianstraße, and there is no need to travel by car or public to reach the shopping areas.



There are many beautiful half-timbered houses in the old town of Speyer.

Flights via Frankfurt

The easiest way to get to Finland from Speyer is to fly from Helsinki to Frankfurt and continue the journey by rental car or train. Flights to Frankfurt cost around € 250 – € 450 depending on the season and time of booking. The flight is noni 2.5 hours long. From Frankfurt Airport, Speyer can be reached by train until the evening.

Speyer is easy to reach by road. Thanks to its location, the place is a convenient stopover along the route for car holidaymakers heading to the Alps or the Mediterranean, for example. Some of Speyer’s visitors are cruise holidaymakers whose riverboats stop in town on their way up or down the Rhine.

Accommodation is affordable

Speyer has many levels of hotels to choose from for different budgets. It is advisable to choose a hotel that is either in the city center or right next to it, as all the essential sights and places to visit are located in a fairly small area. This allows you to move around easily on foot.

Accommodation prices in Speyer are quite affordable compared to the more famous tourist towns in Germany. A double room in a basic hotel is typically available for around 70-90 euros. Prices of course depend on the level of the hotel and the time of accommodation. Not all tourists stay in Speyer, but typically pop in here from neighboring cities on a daily basis. Nearby cities include Heidelberg , Karlsruhe and Mannheim.

Getting around Speyer

The center is compact and movement inside the Speyer is effortless on foot. Public transport consists of buses and commuter trains. Public transport consists of buses and trams. The main train station is located in the newer part of the city, a short walk from the old town.

As elsewhere in Germany, taxis are cheap in Speyer compared to Finland. They are easily accessible throughout the downtown area.

Speyer Travel Guide
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