For many, this great city of England is known for its world-famous football club Manchester United. But this student city has more to offer. Especially in the field of culture, architecture, music and scientific innovations, there is plenty to be found in this lively city. The range of hotels, B&Bs and good restaurants is very wide. The nightlife is known for its diversity. Those who go for more content and like to visit a museum can go wild in Manchester.

Manchester ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Albert Square
According to bridgat, this square is the most beautiful and important square in Manchester. The most impressive building in this square is the Manchester Town Hall. The other buildings present seem very small. There are also a number of monuments and statues on the square, including the one to Prince Albert after which the square is named. The square fountain was placed in front of his wife, Queen Victoria. The square was laid out between 1863 and 1867.

#2. Castlefield
A part of Manchester’s conservation area is referred to as Castlefield. This place is actually the place where the city originated. The name actually means castle-in-the-field. A Roman fortress called Mamucium once stood here. Parts of it can still be seen today. There is even a reconstructed part on display. The area around it was mainly industrial area where a lot of trade was conducted. Nowadays, all kinds of events are organized and it is a well-visited place for a snack and a drink.

#3. Town Hall
A number of local government services have been brought together in the Victorian-style town hall. The building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, who is also responsible for the Manchester Museum and Manchester Assize Courts. The Town Hall was completed in the year 1877. Very impressive murals adorn the inside of this beautiful old town hall.

#4. The Lowry
While visiting Manchester, probably no one will pass this building without wondering what it is. It is in a beautiful location on the water. This piece of high-quality architectural structure was designed by Michael Wilford. The building, which consists mainly of glass and steel, houses two theatres, a studio, 2000 m² of exhibition space and an art gallery.

#5. Museum of Science and Industry
Due to its major substantive subjects, this museum is spread over a number of buildings. The themes of transport in particular take up a lot of space. For science there are collections of, among other things, X-ray equipment and textile machines.

#6. Manchester Art Gallery
In the beautiful building of the Manchester Art Gallery, the exceptionally extensive collection of art is displayed in a very innovative and creative way. There are at least six centuries of British art to admire, for example, but other European work can also be seen there. In addition to the permanent collection, special exhibitions are regularly organized.

#7. Heaton Park and Peel Park
The two most famous parks in the city are Heaton and Peel Park. Heaton Park is the larger of the two and is one of the largest city parks in Europe. What attracts the most attention is the 18th century country house ‘Heaton Hall’ which is now open to the public. The rooms are furnished in original condition and give you a glimpse into the life of the wealthy Egerton family who once lived there. The park also has an 18-hole golf course, playground, petting zoo, ornamental gardens and an observatory. In Peel Park there are more sports fields and there is a playground for children between the ages of four and fourteen. The ‘Salford Museum and Art Gallery’ can also be found in the park.

#8. Whitworth Art Gallery
South of the Manchester University campus is the Whitworth art gallery located in the park of the same name. Thanks to a donation from Sir Joseph Whitworth it was possible to open this museum. Joseph Whitworth was known as an engineer, philanthropist, inventor and entrepreneur. Another portion of his capital was donated to Christie Hospital and a number of philanthropic projects. The special art collection includes sculptures, paintings, textiles and the marble statue of Sir Jacob Epstein ‘Genesis’.

#9. The Trafford Center
In Greater Manchester is a very large indoor shopping center. It is even one of the largest in the United Kingdom. The more than 10,000 parking spaces indicate how many visitors it attracts every day. The food court, with space for 1,600 guests, is particularly special. In addition to the many shops and eateries, you will find a cinema, Paradise Island Adventure Golf, a bowling alley, laser games, bumper cars and a game center.

#10. Manchester United Museum and Stadium Tour
Football fans probably cannot leave Manchester without visiting the stadium of the club of the same name. In the indoor museum you will be told the story of no less than 130 years of football history. There is an interactive zone for the children and of course the ‘hall of fame’ should not be missed. With a guided tour it is possible to look behind the scenes of this club, which is otherwise not possible. Part of the tour is a walk through the tunnel to the ‘sacred’ grass.

Manchester, England

Sights of Manchester, England
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