Rainbow Brush OCEANE-Launch and Price

Oceane is a company that works with beauty products, in the category of cosmetics, makeup being to the skin, eyes, mouth, nails and accessories too. The company is extending its products even further, opening a new category of products which the capillary treatment and this class in style. The Oceane brings a novelty that will make you change your perspective when choosing a hair brush after you meet the Rainbow brush Brush. See below for more information on this revolutionary new Oceane, see how it works and even more, the brush price.

Release Rainbow Brush OCEANE

As well as health care of our body, the small details also deserve care, such as nails, skin, hair, among others, is not beauty. There are many products that we can use in our hair to ensure health and beauty to the wires, but none as revolutionary as the Rainbow brush Brush OCEANE.

This is a brush that will change the way you brush your hair, the Rainbow Brush is a brush for padded rounded shape with colorful bristles and Zig-Zag-shaped and with mirror behind.

The differential of this brush are your plastic fences in this format, which allow you to brush your hair so that the wires don’t break or be damaged. And still have polka dots, but tips as you comb your hair as your scalp is massaged.

Is available in two sizes, one that you can wash in the bag and the other one to leave at home.

On launch, it will actually change your perspective when choosing a hairbrush.


The price to the novelty of the Oceane is friendly, some people might find it a bit pricey, but for being a

Is revolutionary.

Brush in small size will cost R$ 26.00 (perfect size to carry in your purse);

Full size brush will cost $32.00.