Pregnant Can Straighten the Hair?

The pregnant woman should not make straightening artificial during the whole pregnancy, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy and also during breastfeeding, because it is not yet proven that chemical straighteners are safe and do not harm the baby.

The straighten your hair with formaldehyde are contraindicados because they can penetrate into the organism through the placenta or from breast milk and cause harm to the baby. For this reason, the Fda banned the use of smoothed down with formaldehyde in excess of 0.2%.

Pregnant Can Straighten the Hair 1

How to keep your beautiful hair in pregnancy

Although it is not indicated to smooth chemically the wires in pregnancy and breastfeeding, you can keep your hair smooth by performing a brush and using the flat iron to follow. But in addition, it is important to consume healthy foods, low in fat and sugar because the hair needs vitamins and minerals to grow more beautiful and shiny.

To facilitate the growth you need to consume foods rich in protein, such as meat and eggs. Eat 1 brazil nut per day is also a strategy to keep the hair and nails always beautiful.

Pregnant Can Straighten the Hair 2

Is normal the hair fall out more and become more weak after pregnancy due to hormonal changes, and the hair may be more thin and more thin, also because of the breastfeeding. Thus, a short haircut can facilitate the life of the pregnant woman and recent mother.

But to ensure the health of the wires is advised to go to the salon at least every 2-3 months to cut and moisturize the wires in a professional manner, getting the best results.

Pregnant Can Straighten the Hair 3