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Green Eye Shadow

Want valorrizzare the look with a green eye shadow? Follow our tips for a brighter look with the color of nature. The color of hope, nature and optimism will be for this reason that green is the color trend 2013!

7 Super Tips On Great Eyebrows

Step-by-Step Tips for the perfect bow Eyebrows characterize the face than any other feature and nothing can change that simple. These seven tips will be on the perfect shape. First: Determining Shape of Eyebrows “Most people pluck too many hairs between…
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How to Enhance Your Lips

Women and their eternal dissatisfaction with its features is no longer news, so they’re always wanting to change the format of the body, hair, nose, eye color, the size of the breasts and, among many other features, not even the…
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How to Make Doll Eyelashes

What woman doesn’t dream about long eyelashes and bulky? Of course, since undeniably, they make all the difference in the look, but, unfortunately, not everyone is born with lashes fed up, but … very quiet at this time, no despair, we get…
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How to Choose Makeup Remover

Let’s face it, a good makeup is capable of true miracles! Great time to hide those imperfections of the skin, to highlight one point or another, to rejuvenate their appearance. However, what a lot of women forget is that, like a makeup can help, it…
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Carnival Makeup Step by Step

The Carnival is coming to many up here yet. Therefore, it is the time of the blocks, testing of the samba school, anyway … we can already hear tambourines and drums, is the revelry coming up with everything and, of course, no one wants to do without glamour…
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