Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad Are Still Betting for The Leggings Would You Sign Up or Tea Plants?

We believed that they had been killed yet. They still haunt us. The leggings are one of those fads that we all thought passed, that we accept with suspicion, but who has come to stay and he is not intended to go. Same as the skinny. It has as many detractors as fans that put them at all hours; under skirts, under shorts, cocktail)to the Carrie Bradshaw) or dry; but honestly, as much as meat celebritie and models, it is a garment that does not favor any, very comfortable, it seems to me that Yes, and reminds me of my years in school, but we must not insist on carrying it by the simple fact that again, one year more, and in all colors, is present in the complements of our stores section,

I have to say that in very informal plan, the leggings are a good choice, that Yes, make sure that you are not you great as Nicole Richie and do you bags, not so much or so bald; but that combiarlos high heels… I do not know me, but Lauren Conrad are phenomenal, with an oversized t-shirt or a tartan shirt or any other print, long and wide enough, they seem to me super and you?