Mary-Kate Olsen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna: Three Americans in Milan

Tide of celebrities in Milan. The Italian city gray and depressing of the Italian peninsula is filled these days celebrity that comes from all points of the planet, even if it wins by a landslide United States, to be eyewitnesses to the spectacle of the world’s largest. For example, the parade of Prada, among others. That Yes, not everything is pleasure and unconditional love for fashion: all have a reason to cross the pond.

The of Mary-Kate Olsen, It’s promoting her clothing line Elizabeth and James, that soon it plans to collaborate with the firm Steve Madden to launch a collection of shoes that can be very interesting and not too high prices.

Thus from sheltered we saw to the rebellious twin at Milan airport, pushing itself its own loading of luggage, with a brown coat armed shoulder pads and a few terrible latex leggings.

On the other side of good taste are located Gwyneth Paltrow, that could be seen as luxury guest attending the presentation of the new collection of accessories of Tod’s, signature of which you remember, it’s image. And she did beautifully sheathed in a steamy and pleated dress orange color of exquisite cut. And a few rather coarse acharolados zapatos-botin, those that like so much to it, that a little deslucían the styling (though put you casual point).

The singer Rihanna It would be medium term and would be between Mary-Kate and Gwyneth: so much or so bald. If the parade of Gucci taught more than the account with a mini dress black, through the streets of Milan showed something more discreet and walked relaxed with a maxi shirt in white men, his inseparable skinny jeans and high heel sandals. Your online.