Luxe Avon-Makeup Line and Prices

Avon is a large company that produces beauty products, and cosmetics. Avon is present worldwide, through its dealers, and its subsidiaries, not to mention with the functionality of the site among others. Always innovating and bringing many novelties, Avon has recently launched a complete line of makeup very unlike anything that had ever released. The Luxe Avon line is the first line of the company that brings together precious ingredients, not counting the sophisticated packaging. The following is more information about the new Luxe line of Avon.

Luxe Makeup line from Avon

Learn more about new Avon makeup line, the line Luxe. The line comes with the main products to make a beautiful makeup, with a wide choice of products. Let’s see what are they:

Mouth: the mouth products are lipsticks and glosses, the following is.

Lipsticks: there are 11 different colors, including various shades of pink, Brown and Red.

Pink Sapphire; Nude Citrine; Opal Wine; Pink Diamond; Pink Tourmaline; Coral Lapiado; Ruby Luxury; Imperial Topazio; Old Gold; Pink Agate; Smoke Quartz.

Gloss: 6 are glosses in shades of pink, red and Brown.

Scarlet Ruby; Precious Copper; Pink Silk; Pink Faceted; Sophisticated Coral; Pink Crystal.

Face: face products are base, blush and powder.

Base: 7 basic tones are, ranging from medium beige to dark brown.

Blush: are 4 different shades of blush.

Coral Marquise; Earth Carré; Rosa Shuttle; Malva Bisotê.

Compact: Compact powder tones 4 are different all with velvety effect, and a translucent.

Eyes: the eyes came with 3 products, eyeliner, mascara and shadow.

Eyeliner: there are three different colors of liquid eyeliner.

Diamond; Gold; Granada.

Mask: the mask of Cilia is a black Onyx mascara for


Shadow: are shadow quintets with five colors on and cold tones.

Rose Quartz; Terracotta Gold; Sea Water; Amethyst.

Out products, Avon has formed some kits that you can check the official website (


Prices are a little higher than we are used to seeing in Avon catalogs.

Baton: 39.99 each R$; Gloss: 39.99 each R$; Base: R$ 76.99 each; Blush: 64.99 each R$; Compact: 64.99 R$; Eyeliner: R$ 41.99 each; Shade: R$ 61.99 each; Shade: R$ 76.99 each.