Keratin Intense-New Line Tresemme And Rates

The tresemme is a brand of hair care products and treatments that was created in the year 1947 by Carpenter Edna l. Em. At the time it was created, was sold only to professionals, i.e. Was a product sold in beauty salons. In the 50, when the brand was acquired by empreda Alberto Culver, the products began to be sold in retail, and in the year of 2011 the brand went on to belong to Unilever. Always worrying about the health of its consumers capillary, the brand has bring increasingly specialized products for every hair type. This month the tresemme will launch a line of treatment products. Meet right after the Keratin Intense line.

New Keratin Intense tresemme Line

The tresemme launches this month a special line for hair treatment, Keratin Intense line.

All hair deserves a specific treatment, no matter what kind it is, since the flatter even the most curly. So the tresemme, will launch this month a row for treatment of straight hair with flat iron and the like, promising smoother hair yet, and the best, without frizz.

The collection contains sampoo, conditioner and lotion termoativada treatment without rinsing.

Line promises seven days of perfect smooth without frizz, that considering three weekly washes. And also, that the use of lotion without rinsing should be done and then use the flat iron, or something, so that the product will be activated, is activated with heat.


Full line arrives to fluff and all Brazil markets this month and the price will be a little higher than the other brand products, see:

250 ml: shampoo R$ 20.00; Conditioner 250 ml: R$ 22.54; Termoativada lotion 90 ml: R$ 35.00.