How to Use Vinegar to Control Dandruff

The vinegar is a great option at home to treat dandruff, this is because it has action anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, helping to control flaking and relieve the symptoms of dandruff. Learn about the types and benefits of the vinegar.

Dandruff also called seborrheic dermatitis is caused by excess sebum on the scalp that can occur when the hairs are dirty, favouring the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. As the vinegar has antimicrobial action, this is a practical way, fast and cost-effective end up with this problem.

How to Use Vinegar to Control Dandruff 1

Other situations that may favor the emergence of dandruff are stress and poor nutrition and, therefore, in addition to using the vinegar, it is recommended to adopt a healthier diet, combating with stress and invest in the tea carqueja, since it purifies the blood, which is helpful in combating dandruff. Here’s a diet that treats dandruff seborrheic.

How to use

Apple cider vinegar is a simple option to control the dandruff. For this, you can use vinegar three ways:

How to Use Vinegar to Control Dandruff 2

  1. Wet small pieces of cotton in vinegar and apply it around the scalp, leaving it to act for up to 2 minutes, and then wash the hair;
  2. Put a little bit of vinegar in the root of the hair after normal washing of hair with cold water and leave to dry naturally;
  3. Mix the same amount of apple cider vinegar and water, let sit for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

As an alternative to apple cider vinegar, you can use white vinegar, but for this you need to mix half a cup of vinegar with two cups of water, massage it into the scalp, leave for more or less 5 minutes and then rinse. Check out other options home remedies for dandruff.

How to Use Vinegar to Control Dandruff 3