There are several ways to fly to Miami. Delta operates daily flights through New York and American Airlines through Chicago. It is also possible to fly with connections in European cities: Air France via Paris, Lufthansa via Frankfurt and British Airways via London. In the latter case, you will need an overnight stay in London and, accordingly, a transit British visa.

The cheapest offer is from Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul. The cost of direct flights increases several times: for example, Aeroflot organizes flights from Sheremetyevo.

According to toppharmacyschools, Miami International Airport is located 19 km west of downtown. Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is also located just 48 km to the north. You will need to get to the resort area and hotels by bus, metro or taxi.

A ticket for a regular bus costs 2.25 USD, for an express – 2.65 USD, for the metro – 2.25 USD (they work until 1:00). Since many flights arrive in Miami late at night, tourists often have to take a taxi. The cost of the trip varies from 30 to 40 USD.

Another way to get to Miami is to rent a car or take a train in New York. In the first case, you will need to overcome a little more than 2000 km along Interstate 95, which is about 18-20 hours of travel. You will have to spend about 150 USD on gasoline, but the costs will certainly be offset by the pleasure of the trip: amazing landscapes will flash outside the window. Direct trains from New York to Miami run even longer: from 28 to 31 hours, the ticket price is from 130 USD one way. An alternative to the train is the bus: it takes about the same time, but with early booking it will cost a little cheaper.


Miami has a well-developed public transportation system, including buses, subways, and a metro mover.


Metrobuses operate throughout Miami-Dade County ( website ). There are about 100 routes, some of them work without a break, but most of them are from 4:30 to 1:30. The fare is 2.25 USD, in express trains – 2.65 USD. Comfortable buses are equipped with convenient entrances to the cabin, special places for people with disabilities and for passengers with bicycles.


The fastest form of urban transport. It was impossible to build a standard underground metro here because of groundwater, so the engineers decided to create a surface road on cement supports. The total length of lines is 39 km, all 23 stations are equipped with elevators and escalators. There are 2 branches in the Miami subway: the main, green, runs from south to north through Downtown to the Palmetto station; and orange, communicating with the airport. The fare is 2.25 USD, the operating time of the subway is from 5:00 to 1:00.

For those who come to Miami for 7 days or more, we recommend purchasing a 7-Day Visitor Passport, which gives you the right to use all forms of public transport during the week. It is sold in information centers and hotels for 19 USD.


A unique form of transportation in Miami with small trailers without drivers, controlled by automation. The Metromover connects to the main subway at two stations: Brickell and Government Center. The route includes 21 stops, the inner line combines the main objects of Downtown, the outer line – the south and north of Miami. The work schedule is from 5:00 to 0:00.

It is worth taking a ride on the metro mover not only for the great view from the window, but also for the sake of economy: the ride is absolutely free.


Local authorities strongly support the movement around the city on environmentally friendly and economical transport. You can rent bicycles everywhere for 5-15 USD per hour, up to 40 USD for the whole day.

A little trick: if you buy a bike, and after a few days return it to the store with a partial refund, it will turn out cheaper than if you rent it.


In Miami, it is better to use the services of official taxis, marked with the appropriate inscriptions on the sides. The standard fare is $2.95 for the first 1/6 mile, $0.85 for each same mile, and $ 0.40 for waiting.

Car rental in Miami

Like any other city in America, Miami is inconceivable without your own car. It’s hard to deny yourself the pleasure of a beautiful ride to a nightclub, throwing the keys to the valet. The largest selection of rental offices is at the airport: there are Hertz, Avis, Budjet, and Alamo. Rental prices are quite high, because demand here always exceeds supply. Renting an economy class car costs from 42 USD, a premium model – from 55 USD, a cabriolet – from 68 USD per day.

To the cost of booking a car, you should also add the payment for parking (from 8 to 40 USD depending on the location), and the cost of gasoline (about 0.75 USD per liter), and travel on toll roads ( 1-2 USD per section). Do not forget that hefty fines are issued for speeding here, and for drunk driving, you can even be arrested. But, oddly enough, there are almost no serious traffic jams in Miami, which makes moving around the city very comfortable.

When renting a car, take care of navigation in advance: the interchanges here are extremely confusing. The ideal option is GPS, but you can get by with a paper map.

Read about the conditions of booking and the necessary documents, as well as all sorts of subtleties and nuances on the page ” Rent a car in Miami “.

How to Get to Miami, Florida

How to Get to Miami, Florida
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