How to Choose the Best Cream Against Wrinkles

To buy a good cream anti-wrinkle should read the product’s label by looking for ingredients such as Growth Factors, hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Retinol because these are fundamental to keep the skin tight without any wrinkles, moisturized and combat the spots that arise due to exposure to the sun.

The creams anti-wrinkle when used on a daily basis, from the age of 30 years, has excellent results in the firmness and beauty of the skin as long as they have the ingredients that facilitate the formation of new cells, new blood vessels and new collagen fibres and elastin, which provide firmness and support to the skin.

So, to buy a good cream anti-wrinkle should be to read the label of the product and know exactly what your skin is needing. See:

What ingredients to look for on the label

To be sure that you are making a good purchase you should always read the product label and seek the following ingredients:

  • Growth factor epidermal (EGF): Renews the cells, it creates new collagen fibers and elastin, reducing and preventing the formation of wrinkles
  • Growth factor Insulin (IGF):Promotes the creation of new collagen fibers and elastin, decreases wrinkles and increases firmness of the skin
  • Growth factor Fibroblástico (FGF or b-FGF):Promotes the creation of new fibers of fibroblasts, excellent in the healing of the skin after the peeling, for example
  • Growth factor Vascular Endothelial (VEGF):Promotes the formation of new blood vessels, essential to nourish the new cells, regenerating and firming the skin
  • Transforming growth factor: Stimulates the production of the cellular matrix, preventing the fibrosis
  • Hyaluronic acid:Hydrates deeply the skin, attracting water molecules to the skin
  • Vitamin C:Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, is an antioxidant, protects the skin from the sun, helps heal and lightens dark under-eye circles and dark spots
  • Retinol: Stimulates collagen formation, giving you a firmer skin and improving the blood irrigation of the face, while at the same time smoothes wrinkles
  • DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol lactate):Promotes the renewal of cells, increasing the levels of ceramides, and has the effect of whitening
  • Vitamin E: it Helps in healing, reduces the damage caused by the sun and by a decrease of the elastin
  • Matrixyl Sinthe 6: Ideal to fill in the wrinkles, smooths the skin and stimulates the synthesis of collagen
  • Sun protection: To protect skin from effects of UV rays that favor the formation of wrinkles

How to Choose the Best Cream Against Wrinkles 1

The dermatologist or physical therapist specialist in aesthetics may indicate personally what is the best product for each person, after observing some characteristics such as age, the presence of wrinkles or expression lines, types of wrinkles, habit of use cream daily it or not, the tone of the skin and the presence of blemishes or dark under-eye circles, for example.

Creams for wrinkles that contains neurotoxinas as the Ageless, contains Argireline, are not recommended as the sole treatment against wrinkles because it has action, crippling, preventing the proper contraction of a muscle that initially it may seem that improves wrinkles, a Cinderella effect, in fact it leaves the skin still flaccid and fragile to the long-term. In addition, its effect decreases and lasts up to 6 hours, it being necessary to reapply the product several times a day.

How to apply the cream anti-wrinkle correctly

Apply the cream anti-wrinkle correctly is fundamental to have the expected effect. For this, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Washing the facewith soap and water, moisturizer, or cleanse the skin with a cleaning product moisturizer and a small piece of cotton
  2. Apply a cream face moisturiserwith sunscreen all over face, neck and chest;
  3. Apply the eye contour cream, starting at the inner corner of the eye going towards the end of each eyebrow. Then with movements in spiral insisting on the regions of the ‘crow’s feet’
  4. Apply the cream directly on wrinkles or expression lines, with circular movements all over ruga, from bottom to top and then with the movement of ‘opening up’, as if you were trying to make the wrinkle disappear;
  5. Apply the whitening creamon dark areas such as freckles, spots and dark circles.

How to Choose the Best Cream Against Wrinkles 2

The amount of cream that you should put in each region is small, with about 1 droplet size of 1 pea in each area.

If you want to spend on makeup this should be applied on top of all these creams.

Because use of creams in different areas of the face

It is necessary to use different creams, using one just for the eye area, the other only on top of the fine lines and wrinkles and a cream for other areas such as the forehead, chin, and cheeks because each of these parts of the face need a different treatment.

Use the eye cream on whole face can be a waste of product, but use a moisturizing cream to the body around the face, can have no effect in fighting wrinkles and expression lines. Learn what each area really need:

Around the eyes

Around the eyes the skin is thinner and tends to stay with the famous ‘crow’s feet’ because it is common for the contraction of these muscles to try to protect the eyes from the sun, or to force vista to see it better. So this is one of the first regions to get the saggy skin and wrinkles.

  • Use:Creams with sunscreen, but specific to the eyes that have growth factor that guarantee the formation of cells that give firmness and elasticity to the skin.

In the lines of expression:

These appear around the smile after a good laugh and can be more easily seen when you wake up after a night of little rest. It is also common for its emergence between the eyebrows, after attempting to protect the eyes from the sun, without sunglasses, but disappear when you stretch the skin.

In the wrinkles creased:

The deeper wrinkles that don’t disappear when you try to stretch the skin, generally appear after the age of 45, but can arise before you in people who do not use moisturizing creams and if exposed in the sun, often without sun protection.

How to Choose the Best Cream Against Wrinkles 3

  • Use:Creams anti-aging with growth factors that can fill wrinkles, making the skin more firm and uniform.

In the under-eye circles, dark areas, blemishes or freckles:

These areas in need of whitening and sun protection to avoid them even darker.

  • Use:Cream with sunscreen and products with action clareadora the skin, such as vitamin C or DMAE.

Another important caution is to observe if the cream is for use day or night, because the time of action of products night are larger and can act during all sleep, when there is not so much the contraction of the muscles of the face. The creams to use during the day usually have sun protection.

Other treatments anti-wrinkle

In the physiotherapy, aesthetics there are several techniques that can be used with massage specific, traction, mobilization of the fascia and myofascial release in addition to equipment such as laser and radio frequency which has excellent results in reducing wrinkles, lifting effect, postponing the need to use Botox or plastic surgery.

The sessions last for about half an hour and can be performed 1 time per week and the results are cumulative, but the effects can be seen right at the end of the first session.