Homemade Moon Bath-How Do

Nothing better than having the skin smooth, healthy-looking, look good, and with the tanned appearance is not even. But how to have it all without having to do multiple treatments, go to the beach between other many options that we have, that the opposite of order, can do much harm, or even don’t reach the expected and desired result. There are many treatments and procedures we can do alone and at home that can bring all these benefits to our skin, it so simple and easy. Here’s how to make a homemade Moon bath.

How to make Homemade Moon bath

Here’s how to make your skin smooth, velvety with bleached hairs that give a golden appearance to the skin. Here’s how to make the homemade Moon bath step by step.

Exfoliation: Mix 3 tablespoons honey, oat flakes and 2 .75 of tea cups of soy milk. Apply the mixture with the body, massage well in regions in the legs, buttocks, stomach and arms. Let stand for five minutes and then rinse. Soothing lotion: make an infusion with six sachets of green tea and 2 cups water. Let cool and then spray the body. Let the skin dry naturally. Moisturizer: mix 5 tablespoons pure honey with 6 drops of sesame oil. Apply with a brush all over, massage lightly. Leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Whitening application: apply the bleach with dry skin on the legs, butt, belly, arms and lumbar. After about 15 minutes or so after reaching the desired tone, remove with warm water. Hydration: in a blender, whisk 2 cups of bottled water, with 6 drops of sesame oil and 1 pack of mint, after coe. Apply throughout the body and go gently massaging. Then rinse with warm water.

The effect lasts for about 1 month, it will depend on the speed of growth of hairs. But you can always repeat the process.