False Sidecut-How to Make and Videos

Within the sets we can follow various arms, there are many issues to be addressed. For example, hair, clothes, shoes, makeup, among many other things. And even so will become very large, because each of the subjects open up more fans. For example, talking about clothes, we can talk in a skirt, and all models in a skirt, and yet would open many more doors for discussion. The same thing is talking about hair and their trends. One of the hair fashions that entered on the agenda is the sidecut, the following is more about cutting among other issues.

How to make Fake


The sidecut is one of cuts that entered the list of the most desired among many people, whether men or women. For the kids is much easier and without regret doing such court. But for women is a decision and should be taken with a little more awareness, should be thought enough that the Court be quite radical.

To do the sidecut is necessary to shave one side of the hair, it’s pretty radical, but is coveted by many women.

But for those who do not have the courage or the initiative to make the cut, that will bring one hell of a change, you can choose to do a fake sidecut, it’s not a cut is a hairstyle that mimics the Court.

Beyond simple to make allows the day to want to have the sidecut, you make the hairstyle according to your taste, look and others.

Just put your hair on one side firmly with Staples and spend fixer, or have other ways to do your hair.



See below how to do two styles that mimic the cut sidecut, pretty easy to do.

The first video is made by Beatriz Cristina is done with braid. It’s very simple to make and the braid of a charm.


This video made by Ana Paula, is another way to make the fake sidecut. Is a more gentle, and well to do, check out facilzinho.


Third hairstyle tutorial was made by Jamie Challis. This hairstyle is what comes closest to the real sidecut, is real, just try.