Disney Villains Vult-Shadow Palettes

The Vult is a brazilian brand that produces beauty products, and cosmetics. She is a somewhat good brand new, compare to other brands that are its competitors. Was founded in the year 2004, and today with 10 years in the market, can compete with big names within the same thread. With the Mission of providing its consumers with affordable beauty products, Vult won an audience quickly every day, shows more your ability and also brings many new features. Including the last Beauty Fair, Vult showed their upcoming releases, see below.

Shadow Palettes Villains from Disney Vult

The Vult, like many other brands, brought their big news last Beauty Fair what happened this weekend in Sao Paulo. The mark showed your next release which resulted in many comments and many eyes full of lust, not to mention the anxiety for the release of Shadows palettes Villains from Disney.

On same wavelength that many foreign brands, Vult created three beautiful palettes inspired by three different villains of classic Disney.

Each palette contains 8 different colors, and the villains honored and which inspired these amazing colors are Cuella Of Vil (101 Dalmatians), Evil Queen (snow white) and the darling of many Maleficent (sleeping beauty).

Are strong colors, and some classic and may well form many looks, and makes for various occasions with only a single palette.

Who are very eager to buy the palettes will have to wait a little longer, because the sales will begin around October or November, and the suggested retail price is R$ 39.50, a good price for a quality product.

See below a video made by Bruna Tavares showing a bit of pigmentation and the quality of each palette.