Davines Celebrating the Third Day of Sustainable Beauty

Monday, March 3 Davines in collaboration with LifeGate celebrating the Third Day of Sustainable Beauty, an initiative in favor of the environment. By Davines you can do cut and fold at the price you decide! The amount you decide to donate will be donated entirely to the protection of a forest of Madagascar.

The Day of Sustainable Beauty Davines is one of the initiatives in support of Zero Impact, the LifeGate project to reduce CO2 emissions and protect forests, in Italy and in the world. This day has the aim to reiterate the link between beauty and sustainability. The goal of the project is to protect an area of about 130 hectares of forest, effect works of forestation, organize monitoring activities to prevent fires, regenerate and protect water sources.

Madagascar is an example of exceptional biodiversity: 80% of plant species not found in other parts of the world. The forest of Madagascar, therefore, not only absorb carbon but protect a unique biodiversity in the world. The Madagascar national tree, the baobab, is the symbol of the Sustainable Beauty Day. In the last Italian edition were collected over 71,000 € donated entirely to help the creation of projects and the protection of our forests in Italy and Madagascar (60 717 square meters for 10 years).

Monday, March 3, in over 300 salons Davines throughout Italy, paying only € 15 for a cut and / or bend you will contribute to the creation and protection of 20 square meters of forest of Madagascar until 2024.