CoverGirl Nature Luxe, a New Line of Makeup Natural-Oriented

I know that many of our readers who are interested in cosmetics based on natural products (which is not the same as organic). Mark CoverGirl also knows it and will take a new line of cosmetics for them, Nature Luxe.

Nature Luxe consists only of two products, the Silk Foundation makeup base and the lip balm Gloss Balm. What do natural? Instead of using the usual synthetic oils in these cosmetics, contains extracts of jojoba and rosehip, also water from cucumber, while balm is made with mango, Shea butter and other moisturizing butters.

In addition the containers use a small amount of bioresin, a plastic made from natural ingredients like sunflower oil or sugar cane. The bioresin is a material that can be compostable or biodegradable, although in this case I didn’t find more information about what they used, or in what quantities, so that remains to be seen how “ ecological ” are containers.