For far too long you have admired all those from afar who simply dare to pack their lives in a backpack and go out into the big wide world – now it’s your turn! Backpacking is an adventure and can often seem quite scary – but you are in good hands in the right place even as a beginner. Here you can find out which destinations are best for beginners when it comes to backpacking …

Where is my first or next backpacking trip going ? Which countries are actually suitable for this? The questions in the minds of travel and adventure-seeking backpackers probably look like this and something like that. There are countries that are particularly suitable for beginners and those that are more suitable for experienced professional backpackers. So that you know which is the right travel destination for you, I have created an overview that should help you with your decision.

Here in the first part you will get to know suitable travel countries for beginners, in the second part again I will introduce countries for advanced or professionals. It is important for all backpackers – whether newbies or professionals – that you have to be absolutely open to new things. Having a few basic foreign language skills is certainly very helpful. For example, it is advisable for newcomers to first travel to countries whose culture is not so different from their own in order to prevent a culture shock . That makes it easier to first test this new way of traveling for yourself .

USA – the land of opportunity

From skiing in the Rocky Mountains to lying in the sun on dream beaches and under palm trees – anything is possible in the USA. The United States is a great backpacking destination to warm up to – it has Western standards, people are open-minded, and language barriers should also be easy to overcome. The USA offers you crazy metropolises, beautiful beaches and unique nature. A suitable route to see some highlights is, for example, Route 66 . Otherwise, it is best to travel through the different metropolises of the USA and see as many national parks as possible. To name just a few: Yosemite, Gran Canyon, Kenai Fjords or Yellowstone. You have to spend a lot of time to plan your budget so that you can see as much as possible.

There are a lot of hostels where you can sleep cheaply and for little money you can easily get full in the USA. The best way to cover longer distances is to fly. Otherwise, you can also use buses, the railroad or the underground and elevated trains that exist in large cities. If you want, you can also rent a car or buy a car if you are staying for several months – then just sell it to the next roadtripper or backpacker in the end.

Backpacking for beginners in Europe

Europe is pretty easy for us to travel to: it often takes less than an hour to get to another country and we don’t have visa problems either. That makes the whole trip a bit easier. If you are traveling through Spain , Greece or Italy, you should plan more budget in terms of accommodation in hostels, getting around, food and going out. Depending on the country, you have different cultures and, above all, languages. That is why it is important to be able to speak at least a little English.

In Eastern Europe the cost of living is significantly lower. This includes the Balkan states, for example. The most suitable travel time here is due to the cooler climate in the summer months.

Austria, Germany and Switzerland also offer travelers a high level of comfort when it comes to getting around. The infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired with long-distance buses, buses, trains, many motorways and airports. However, the cost of living, for example for accommodation, is not always that cheap.

Also Scandinavia in northern Europe offers itself as a destination for backpacking beginners. Nature lovers in particular get their money’s worth here. Fjords, forests, glaciers and many other sights are waiting for you here. The well-developed infrastructure means that you can move around comfortably. Numerous airports in the big cities give you the opportunity to get from one place to the next quickly. Ferries are also ideal, as are buses, long-distance buses and trains. Car rentals are very expensive in Scandinavia and especially in Norway. The petrol prices there are also well above average. A good alternative is the Eurail Scandinavia Pass, with which you can travel at a discount. The situation is different with the costs for accommodation, food and drinks, there is a high price level, which can quickly shrink the travel budget .

Thailand – the no.1 entry-level country

Thailand is probably the backpacker country par excellence . Hundreds of thousands of backpackers travel to distant Southeast Asia every year. You can just get started here. Look for cheap flights, pack your rucksack perfectly and off you go! Accommodation and food are extremely cheap here , which makes staying here, especially for backpackers, pleasant and easy. In Thailand you can even try to negotiate the prices a little bit down. But this is only possible if you book directly on site and of course not if you have already done it online in advance. When you are there, you also have the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the accommodation yourself, because we all know that hotel pictures on the Internet sometimes promise more than they actually offer.

There are many Thai islands that are a must to visit. Ferry trips are particularly suitable for this, as they can bring you quickly from island to island. With a small budget you can get very far in Thailand if you don’t have the highest standards and book the most expensive hostels. You can read all other  tips and tricks for a backpacking trip to Thailand in my report about two travelers who gave me an interview about their trip to Thailand.

The incredible culture of Bali

With over 17,000 islands there is already a lot to experience and discover in Indonesia . A particularly important utensil for backpackers is time here. Of course, you cannot visit all the islands in a short time, so it is best to concentrate on just some of the islands and then explore them properly. Bali is particularly recommended . The island of the gods impresses with its many colorful temples and the incredibly beautiful landscape.

According to, you can get from A to B quickly here with boats and speedboats . On land, it’s best to rent a moped to explore the area, or take the bus – which is more suitable for the more adventurous among you. Life in Indonesia is very cheap . You can eat in the restaurant for as little as 50 cents ! A moped for a whole month costs no more than € 50 and  you can also rent a dream house here for just € 120 a month. You shouldn’t have any problems with English here – most Balinese, at least those in the tourist corners, speak good English. Otherwise you can just try it with your hands and feet 🙂

The best travel time for backpackers who can live with 100% humidity is from November to March . There the tropical climate is interrupted by the monsoons. For anyone else who prefers the dry season, it is best to travel to Bali between April and October  .

Check: Which country is right for you?

Can’t decide which country is best for your first backpacking trip? Here is a small checklist of the characteristics you should definitely bring with you for the six different countries, how much budget is necessary and what kind of vacation you can expect there.

And? Which country suits you best? At the beginning the choice is always super difficult, so my tip:  Just jump into the adventure! All of these destinations are top when it comes to backpacking for beginners and so you can be sure that you will meet many like-minded people, experience cool things and not be exposed to great dangers. But if you are the sort of advanced backpacker, then you may already be ready for bigger challenges and goals that are not so crowded.

Countries for Backpacking Beginners