Cardwell, Missouri is located in Dunklin County in the southeast corner of the state. The town is situated in a rural area and is surrounded by flat, agricultural land for miles in every direction. The town itself sits at an elevation of just over 200 feet and has a total land area of 1.4 square miles.

The town of Cardwell is bordered to the west by Big Creek which flows into the nearby St. Francis River. To the north and east lies a large lake called Cardwell Lake which provides recreational opportunities such as fishing, swimming, and boating for local residents and visitors alike.

The climate in Cardwell is generally mild with hot summers and cold winters but temperatures can reach extreme highs during July and August as well as extreme lows during January and February. Average annual precipitation for the area is around 44 inches with most rainfall occurring during spring months from March to May.

Cardwell’s terrain consists mostly of flat land but there are some hills located to the south that reach elevations of up to 500 feet above sea level. The town also has several creeks that run through it which provide natural drainage for much of the surrounding land.

Cardwell’s geography reflects its rural setting with vast stretches of flat farmland punctuated by small hills, rivers, creeks, and lakes that provide recreational opportunities for its residents and visitors alike.

History of Cardwell, Missouri

Cardwell, Missouri is a small town located in Dunklin County in the southeast corner of the state. It was founded in 1881 by a group of settlers led by William Cardwell and was initially called Cardwell Station. The town quickly grew to include stores, churches, and other businesses with the railroad providing easy access to larger towns nearby.

During the early years of Cardwell’s existence, it was primarily an agricultural community with most of its residents working on farms or in related industries. The town also had a few manufacturing plants which produced items such as furniture and clothing. By 1900, Cardwell had grown to include several hundred residents and had become an important trading center for the region.

In the early 20th century, Cardwell experienced a period of economic growth as new businesses moved into town and existing businesses expanded their operations. This growth continued through World War II when many local men enlisted to serve their country overseas. After the war ended, many service members returned home to find jobs at local factories or on nearby farms.

By 1975, Cardwell had reached its peak population with over 1,500 people living in town. Since then, however, it has seen a steady decline in population as people have moved away seeking better opportunities elsewhere. Despite this decrease in population, Cardwell has managed to remain a vibrant community with its traditional values still intact today despite having gone through many changes over the years.

Economy of Cardwell, Missouri

According to maternityetchic, Cardwell, Missouri is a small town located in Dunklin County with a population of about 1,100. Despite its small size, the town has a diverse economy that includes both traditional and modern industries. Agriculture remains the primary industry in Cardwell with most of its residents involved in some form of farming or related activities. The area’s fertile soil and mild climate make it ideal for growing crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat, and cotton. Many local farmers also maintain herds of cattle which provide additional income for them as well as providing food for the community.

In addition to agriculture, Cardwell also has several non-agricultural businesses that provide employment to its citizens. These include several small manufacturing plants which produce items such as furniture and clothing, as well as retail stores that sell goods to local residents. There are also several service-oriented businesses in Cardwell including restaurants, auto repair shops, and other service providers that cater to the needs of locals and visitors alike.

The town also has a few larger businesses which employ many of its citizens and provide much needed economic activity for the community. These include a large sawmill which processes lumber from nearby forests and a chemical plant which produces various industrial products such as fertilizers and pesticides. Both of these businesses have been operating in Cardwell for over forty years and continue to play an important role in the town’s economy today.

Cardwell is also home to several state agencies including the Department of Corrections, Department of Human Services, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Transportation who all employ locals or provide services to them on a regular basis. This helps ensure that Cardwell remains an economically viable place despite its small size by providing steady jobs for many people who live there or in nearby townships.

Politics in Cardwell, Missouri

Cardwell, Missouri

Cardwell, Missouri is a small rural town located in Dunklin County. Despite its small size, the town has a diverse political landscape that reflects the values and beliefs of its citizens. The local government is run by an elected Mayor and four City Council members who serve four-year terms. The current mayor is John Smith who was first elected in 2009 and has since been re-elected twice in 2013 and 2017.

The city council consists of four members who are elected at large from the town’s population. The council meets monthly to discuss issues facing Cardwell and make decisions on how to address them. They also act as the legislative body for the city, introducing ordinances which are then voted on by the citizens of Cardwell during elections held every two years.

Cardwell’s politics tend to be conservative with many of its residents favoring traditional values such as family, faith, and hard work. This can be seen in their support for candidates who promote these values such as pro-life politicians or those advocating for lower taxes and smaller government. However, there are also progressive elements within Cardwell with many citizens supporting policies such as increased gun control or environmental protection measures that aim to protect local resources for future generations.

In recent years, Cardwell has seen a shift towards more progressive politics with younger generations taking a more active role in local government. This can be seen in their support for candidates who advocate for social justice reforms or environmental protection policies such as renewable energy sources or protecting natural habitats from development projects. These changes have been met with both criticism and praise from different factions within Cardwell but overall they have contributed to a more inclusive political environment that allows all voices to be heard regardless of age or background.

Cardwell, Missouri
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