Capillary Schedule Relief Lola Cosmetics Kit

Lola cosmetics is a brand that cares for capillary treatments search products offer complete lines for their consumers, where each one of them can wear your hair the way you let them happy without guilt. The company aims to be a great reference in hair cosmetics, always keeping in mind the satisfaction of its customers. Thinking about it was that lola has created a full line of hair regeneration, hair schedule relief kit. Meet the following further about this big news from lola, see which products among other important information.

Lola cosmetics kit relief hair timeline

Many women nowadays has opted for a form of treatment called capillary schedule. Mainly the hair lifeless or damaged that need this deep treatment which is basically formed by hydration, nutrition and.

Lola cosmetics created a rescue kit for the hairs that are in this state, the capillary schedule kit contains the necessary items for a great timeline to restore the wires.

This kit is directed to all sorts of hair and also to any type of damage, no matter the intensity, is an intensive treatment to revitalize your hair.

Mark talks about the product:

“your wires are in critical condition. You’re almost calling for vitamin t and cutting everything? Stay calm! Our kit help! Is here to save your highlights of death and capillary ensure that your tears are just for joy! ”

Kit contains 5 products:

Detox shampoo; treatment shampoo;
intensive regeneration; intensive mask; balsam split ends.

Each product has your role, and your way of being used, in a sequence that must be obeyed, however the products have free use. Which means it can be used at home, especially for the low poo.

Lola products are marketed through distributors and authorized stores and rescue kit costs about r $120,00.