Climate in Sardinia

In Sardinia there is a Mediterranean climate . The second largest Mediterranean island is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea . Together with the smaller offshore islands, it forms the Sardinia region, an autonomous region of Italy. Politically, Sardinia belongs to Italy. Temperatures await you in Sardinia in summer along the 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. It’s a little cooler in winter, but the thermometer rarely drops to 6 degrees Celsius in January. On average, temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees Celsius even prevail in December, January and February. It is warmest in July and August. Here you can expect daytime temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius. At night it cools down to 20 degrees. You can also expect sunny weather in spring and autumn. With six to eight hours of sunshine per day and temperatures between 17 and 28 degrees, the months of March, April, May and June, as well as September, October and November are wonderful for a Sardinia holiday. Of course, a lot depends on what you want to do on your trip. When is the best time to travel to Sardinia you will find out in this article. After a climate table for the capital Cagliari and a short overview with the best travel months for a trip to Sardinia, more information follows. I’ll show you when the best travel time for a beach holiday in Sardinia is and which months represent the best travel time for an active holiday. I will also tell you what the weather is like in Sardinia in the different seasons. Take a look at the article and fly with valuable information about the best travel time on your Sardinia vacation!

The best time to travel to Sardinia

Climate table for Sardinia (Cagliari)

Jan Feb March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature in ° C 14 16 17 19 24 27 30 30 28 23 19 16
Min. Temperature in ° C 6 7 9 11 14 18 20 21 19 14 11 8
Hours of sunshine per day 4 4 6 7 9 9 11 10 8 6 4 3
Water temperature in ° C 14 13 14 15 18 21 23 24 23 21 19 15
Rainy days per month 8 7 7 5 3 1 0 1 3 6 9 9

The best time to travel to Sardinia

Measured according to the average values ​​in the climate table for Sardinia , the best time to travel to Sardinia is clearly in summer. It’s nice and warm here and there is little to no precipitation. According to Sunglassestracker, the months May to October are considered the best travel time for Sardinia. For those who cannot brave the hot temperatures, the spring and autumn months are better for a vacation. In the summer months of July and August, daytime temperatures in Sardinia are around 30 degrees Celsius and there is almost no rain. Many holidaymakers can only endure such warmth during a beach holiday by the sea. But the island is also predestined for that. Fantastic beaches invite you to unforgettable summer trips. But Sardinia also has a lot more to offer. Nature lovers enjoy the island’s beauty on their tours. Find out from the brief overview when is the best time to travel to the beach and for an active holiday in Sardinia!

Best travel time for Sardinia in the monthly overview

Best travel time for Sardinia in the monthly overview

  • May: 24 ° C, 9 hours of sunshine, 18 ° C water temperature, 3 rainy days
  • June: 27 ° C, 9 hours of sunshine, 21 ° C water temperature, 1 rainy day
  • July: 30 ° C, 11h sun, 23 ° C water temperature, 0 rainy days
  • August: 30 ° C, 10 hours of sunshine, 24 ° C water temperature, 1 rainy day
  • September: 28 ° C, 8 hours of sunshine, 23 ° C water temperature, 3 rainy days
  • October: 23 ° C, 6 hours of sunshine, 21 ° C water temperature, 6 rainy days

Best travel time for a beach holiday in Sardinia

Would you like to spend your annual vacation in Sardinia? Then the best travel time for you is in the months of June, July, August and September . If you are dependent on the summer holidays due to school, you will fly to the Italian island at the height of summer. If you can avoid these months, then it is advisable to travel in June or September. Here it is just as warm in summer and perfect for a beach holiday. However, these two months in the off-season have the advantages that the beaches are not overcrowded, that traveling to Sardinia is cheaper and that it is not scorching hot. Fantastic temperatures along the 27 to 28 degrees delight in spring and late summer and well into autumn. If you are lucky, you can even swim in the sea during your October vacation with many hours of sunshine.

The best time to travel for an active holiday in Sardinia

With its numerous coastlines, its lush vegetation, rare animal species and the enchanting mountains with beautiful rivers in between, the island of Sardinia has some highlights in store for nature lovers. Active vacationers who want to explore Sardinia should ideally fly to the island in spring or autumn. The weather conditions here are perfect for your tours. It’s not too hot, but pleasantly warm with a light breeze of wind. So remember the months of April, May, June and October as the best travel time for an active holiday in Sardinia .

Weather in Sardinia – spring, summer, autumn and winter

The Mediterranean climate in Sardinia brings a sunny, warm summer and a slightly cooler, rainy winter. In winter time is the weather quite mild with an average of 15 degrees Celsius a day. On average, from November to March, with up to nine rainy days per month, more precipitation falls and the sun shows itself less. At night it cools down to 6 degrees Celsius. In the spring it gradually gets warmer. April enchants with seven hours of sunshine a day and a warm 19 degrees Celsius. On average it rains five days a month. Spring shows its most beautiful side in May. A warm 24 degrees Celsius await you during the day, while it can get up to 14 degrees cold at night. With only three rainy days a month, May has many sunny days with no precipitation. Perfect conditions for sightseeing tours and walks. In May it is still a bit cold for swimming in the sea. The water temperature measures 18 degrees Celsius. The swimming season in Sardinia starts in June . With nine hours of sunshine a day, a warm 27 degrees Celsius brings you a lot of sunshine. The sea water is 21 degrees Celsius warmer than in the previous month and invites you to have a lot of bathing fun. Summer in Sardinia extends into October. You can count on guaranteed sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius until the end of September. In general, it is about two degrees warmer on the south coast of Sardinia than on the north coast. Whichever paradise you choose in Sardinia, I wish you fantastic weather on your vacation!


The Mediterranean island of Sardinia invites you to vacation all year round. Particularly good months to travel are from May to October , i.e. during the summer time. Some avoid the two warmest months on the island, July and August, because it is too warm for them with an average of 30 degrees Celsius a day. However, these months are also the most popular for a beach holiday in Sardinia. One reason is the summer holidays, which usually amount to this time. This makes trips to Sardinia more expensive in summer. If you want to spend a dream holiday with fewer tourists and at a lower price in Sardinia, it is best to move to the off-season out. In June, September and August it is also very warm on the Italian island. The prices for travel and hotels are cheaper and you have the uncrowded beaches and sights to yourself. The months in the off-season are also best for an active holiday. Mild temperatures and little rain invite you to wonderful hikes through the amazing nature of Sardinia in April, May, June and October. In general, the best travel time for Sardinia is May, June, July, August, September and October.

Best Time to Travel to Sardinia
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