Belle Satin for Eudora-Collection

The Eudora is one of the brands belonging to the apothecary who makes a huge success. It was released in the year of 2011 and today one of the darlings of the women. Has in addition to the direct sales method through catalogs, the virtual store and physical stores. Thought on modern woman was that the brand was created, having these women as inspiration for each product that already spend of 600, including makeup, perfumes, accessories, hair, bath, body and others. Always bringing news, Eudora has launched your spring/summer collection. The following is more information about the collection Satin for Eudora Belle.

Belle Collection Satin for Eudora

Thinking about beauty and delicacy of satin that Eudora launched your new collection of makeup, beauty and personal care products. Let’s meet soon to follow more about Belle Satin collection by Eudora.

Lipsticks: three colors of moisturizing lipstick, the colors are as follows:

Papaya Special: is a pinky nude very discreet. Divine: choir is a choir pulled the pink. Pink Glamour: it is a dark pink almost red.

Blush: are four different colors to blush:

Peach Power; Rose Sublime; Perfect Caramel; Bronze Glamour.

Bronzer: Eudora brought a bronzer duo, one with a more sparkling and and pale and the other opaque to make the outline.

Unit Shadows: the brand has brought two single shadows, Rose satin and Belle gray. Two colors with a lot of intense colors, brightness and cintilancia.

Trio of Shadows: are three trios of shadows that were released. The colors are: Purple

Finesse: Purple Purple, wine and Pearl. Divine Bronze: gray, Brown and nude. Luxury Blue: Navy Blue, Hunter Green and pale green.

Moisturizing body: it is a moisturizer with the lightness of satin, with the sweet kiwi and peach

Body Colony: nothing better than getting out of the bath and have the skin clean and with a freshness. That’s what the colony provides, that besides the body skin with a light touch matte.

For more information about the new collection click here. Have access to values of each product.