Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

In August, Alverde invited us to the blogger event in Karlsruhe to present the new products from the standard range. For me as a Karlsruherin it was very pleasant to visit an event without a long journey. So there was still enough time with some girls in advance to go through the city and make us a comfortable afternoon. I was very excited about what to expect at the event and I have to say Alverde has offered a really great program here!

On Friday evening, a dinner was on the agenda. So that I do not drive at night by the tram home and the next morning to get up early, I have the offer with the hotel overnight gladly accepted. In pregnancy everything becomes a bit more difficult. The Karlsruhe Novotel is also very chic and the bathroom expected us a small welcome from Alverde. Furthermore, I found it great to be able to breakfast together with the other bloggers together.

In the restaurant “Garbo” there was then a small sect reception and appetizers and we were greeted by the Alverde team. I had pre-selected the vegan menu, which I was very happy in the aftermath, because it was damn delicious! I am vegetarian, but the vegan diet is not averse (I was vegan for years) and did not want to take the risk of getting raw milk cheese or raw eggs (Tiramsu etc.) in pregnancy.

It was a great evening, which we had at the light festivals on the occasion of the 300th Stadtgeburstages at Karlsruher Schloss.

The next morning we went after a delicious breakfast in the hotel with the beauty workshop!The Alverde team has come up with something great and set up various stations where we could get creative, got creative tips and much more.

Alverde Beauty Workshop – Creative Design

We shared in groups and moved from station to station. Together with Chrissy, Frauke, Sybille ,Katrin and Mia, I went first to the creative table, where we were able to get a good start and spend a lot of time. We painted cloth bags and cosmetics bags, ironed letterings, and sprayed with color.

Alverde Beauty Workshop – Umstyling

The two girls from the clothes shop from Hamburg had brought a lot of clothes, so that we could try out new outfits. You can borrow clothes from the clothes shop, a kind of “rental service” for clothes. With my baby belly my possibilities were of course limited. I chose a black fringed jacket.

Alverde Beauy Workshop – Makeup

Visitor Marisol showed us at the station makeup school tips for a successful makeup. She went into the current trends of strobing and contouring and explained which Alverde products are suitable. It is always great if you can let a professional give individual tips and I have this opportunity gladly noticed.

Alverde Beauty Workshop – Haarstyling

Since we had spent so much time in the crafting and also took pictures again and again, I did not have time for hair styling. I wanted to visit the table after the lunch break, but other girls were already waiting for their hair. Except I was sure that a styling with my thick hair would certainly take a long time. However, I was very enthusiastic about the great Flechtfrisuren, which made the others in part.

Alverde Beauty Workshop – Skin Analysis

Alverde had invited a beautician who offered us a skin analysis and recommended the appropriate Alverde products for our skin type. Unfortunately, I missed the time here and since I am currently very satisfied with my skin care, I left this station.

Alverde Beauty Workshop – Shooting

The photographer Jennifer Braun took photos at the event. It also contains almost all photos in this post. The special highlight was a shoot, after we had dressed up in the make-up school and dressed with the girls of the clothes. My photos of single shooting you could already see in a past Mama Monday. This group picture with Chrissy, Sybille, Frauke and Mia I find particularly successful and a great memory of the time together at the event.

Goodbye: Group Picture

Finally, a group picture with all the participants and the Alverde team. Many thanks to Alverde for the successful event! There were two unforgettable days in great athmosphere and I learned a lot. I also particularly liked that enough time for the exchange with the other bloggers and the Alverde team remained.