Stunning natural attractions and interesting cities attract tourists to Azerbaijan. The interesting oil country of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, is a great destination for travelers looking for new and interesting destinations. The country’s beautiful nature and atmospheric cities offer experiences.

An interesting travel destination

As a country located in Western Asia defined by countryaah, Azerbaijan is located in the Caucasus on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The neighboring countries of the mountainous state are Russia, Georgia, Iran and Armenia. The former Soviet republic has been independent since 1991.


Baku, the capital, is located right on the shore of the Caspian Sea Apšeronin peninsula, and is the hometown of less than two and a half million residents. Baku differs significantly from the rest of Azerbaijan in that international events and lavish architecture in a rich city of millions are not common in traditional small Azerbaijani villages and towns.

Reaching the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan also pampers tourists with its stunning mountains. The highest mountain in the country rises to a height of more than four kilometers, and natural attractions are the most interesting tourist experiences in the region. Azerbaijani specialties include the mountainous regions of Khiz and Siyazan, as well as the mutu mountains.

The Shahdag Mountains are a popular ski destination in winter and hiking in the area in summer.

Hot summers and mild winters

The summers in Azerbaijan are scorchingly hot and the winters are pleasantly mild in Finnish. The hottest season is July and August, when the average temperature rises above 25 degrees. The coldest, on the other hand, is from November to February, when the average temperature is about five degrees Celsius.

However, tourists heading to mountain areas should note that it is cooler in the mountains than in urban areas, and even if temperatures in Baku approach 30 degrees, the temperature in mountain destinations may rise to 20 degrees in a nip.

In terms of temperatures, the best time to travel to Baku is in the spring and autumn, when the average temperature is just under 20 degrees.

City and active destination

People travel to Azerbaijan traditionally for city and active holidays. The capital Baku is a popular tourist destination and has become known to the world as a stage for major events. The city has organized Eurovision Song Contest and Formula 1 races, among other things. Baku is clearly Azerbaijan’s most important urban destination, as other cities are much smaller than the capital, and offer significantly weaker services from a tourist’s perspective.

The mountains of Azerbaijan are apt to attract tourists, and the magnificent mountain scenery provides a great setting for active travelers. However, it is unfortunately difficult – if not impossible – to find marked hiking trails in the handsome mountain destinations.

The country’s road network is in pretty poor condition and not suitable for a traditional casual car journey. Especially the narrow serpentine roads in the mountains and the relaxed attitude of the locals to the traffic rules do not guarantee comfortable driving conditions for those accustomed to Finnish traffic.

The price level in Azerbaijan is cheap in Finnish. Hotels are inexpensive, food is cheap and the tourist can get around as well for a small fee. The local currency is the Azerbaijani manat, whose exchange rate against the euro should be checked before the trip. On average, one manat is about 60 cents.

Detailed dress code

Short for AZ by abbreviationfinder, Azerbaijan is a mixture of Russian and Muslim cultures. Although Baku quickly looks like a modern metropolis of the world, strict dress codes dictated by culture also apply there. Female passengers are advised to dress conservatively despite reading the heat, and it is a good idea to prepare for the trip with clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. In the street scene, however, you can see both locals and tourists crammed into short shorts and sleeveless tops, so following the dress code will be on the tourist’s shoulders. Men should avoid using shorts.

In Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani is spoken, which sounds like a Russian to the Finnish ear but also contains a lot of Arabic words. English is poorly understood, and tourists get along better in English than Russian. With a smile, sign language and a few Azerbaijani words, you can go far.

Azerbaijan is a safe tourist destination, but due to the poor standard of living, tourists in particular need to remain vigilant against theft and robbery. Due to the escalating situation in Azerbaijan and Armenia, visits to the border area between the countries and to Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding area should be avoided.

Azerbaijan 2


The colorful mountains of Khizi and Siyazan are a spectacular natural attraction.

Experience these items

  1. The capital is Baku
  2. Mud volcanoes
  3. Yanar Dag
  4. Khiz and Siyazan mountain range
  5. Shahdag Mountains

Taste these delicacies

  1. Fresh fruit
  2. Dates
  3. Local savory pastries
Azerbaijan – a Country of Modern Architecture and Special Natural Attractions
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