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The Significance of the September Stone of the Month

What is the month's stone of September? The sapphire has a fascinating history with ancient beliefs and has been carried by many powerful individuals. The gemstone has become a very popular stone and makes it a significant stone that represents the month of September. For those who were born in the sign of Virgo and Libra, My Name Necklace has a large collection of beautiful sapphire stones to give you a little extra glitter for your month of birth.


HISTORY OF SEPTEMBERIt occurs mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, China and North America where the clarity and size of the stone varies. The sapphire is related to the July moonstone ruby ​​and consists of the mineral corundum. It has a blue color that varies from light blue to dark blue and many other beautiful colors can occur in the stone such as yellow, green, pale pink, orange, blue, purple and brown. For hundreds of years, sapphire has been worn by royalty and priests. The sapphire appears in Asian mythology and in the history and religious texts of Europe and the Middle East.A GEM STONE WITH A DIVINE REPUTATION


The stone is known for having divine powers and the ability to prophesy. Sapphire is an extravagant gemstone to wear whether you were born in September or any other month! Celebrate Mom with our Drop Necklace with Moonstone for Mom in Gold Plating ; our beautiful Personal Necklace with Moonstone that symbolizes your loved ones. You can personalize beautiful moonstone drops and initial charms with the initials of the moonstone bearers. Bracelet with baby feet for mother is a meaningful gift that is adorned with baby feet and personalized with the mother's children's date of birth and name along with their moonstone and sweet charms.


THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MONTH STONE OF SEPTEMBERIt is considered to be the finest gemstone and the name of the stone is taken from several languages ​​such as Greek, Latin and Arabic and it was known as the Apollo gemstone. It was believed that sapphires represented the purity of the soul and it symbolizes integrity, loyalty and nobility. The sapphire is believed to protect your loved ones from dangers and is associated with concentration and self-discipline. Even today, sapphire is considered a royal stone that brings knowledge and spiritual truths. The blue color creates order, gives strength and helps you to see things through on a deeper level.A ROYAL GEM STONE


The sapphire is a royal stone and the stone of wisdom and has been seen on Queen Elisabeth II's famous tiara as well as on rings, swords and spiers worn by monarchs. Discover your own royal jewelry in our wide collection of personal rings with monthly stones; a piece of jewelry that expresses your personality. It is a valuable treasure that you can keep forever. Name necklace with monthly stone gives a beautiful message and is a style you will often want to wear.

Emphasize your style and express your personality by wearing this vibrant stone that is said to have colored the sky blue with the sapphire's blue reflection.

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