To have a perfect hair, it is necessary to follow some daily care, which include the washing of the wires, hydration, protection and power. Check out:

  1. When washing the hair, choose a shampoo suited to your hair type, dyed, weak, damaged, oily, with dandruff, dry or normal. Following, place a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and apply only at the root of the hair, already wet. The length should be washed only with the foam.5 Steps to a Perfect Hair 1
  2. Rinse your hair with cold water and apply the cream conditioner, not the root, but in a distance of 2 cm from her until the tip of the hair. Preferably, use a comb bristle wide to help disengage them.
  3. Rinse very well your hair, making sure that all the cream is already out and, then, wrap a towel on your head, to dry them.
  4. Comb the hair with a brush or comb bristle wide and, if you prefer, dry them with the hair dryer, provided it does not exceed 80 ° c and is at a distance of at least 20cm from the exit of the air.5 Steps to a Perfect Hair 2
  5. If the tips are dry, it is recommended the use of a balm for the ends dry and brittle. And, if you’re out in the sun, apply a sunscreen for the hair or use a wide-brimmed hat.

In addition, it is important to cut the ends of the hair at least every 6 months, do a hydration, using a good hydrating mask at least 1 time a month, and eating well, eating enough vegetables and fruit.

5 Steps to a Perfect Hair 3