7 Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Generally, the hair, the hair and the beard to grow 1 inch per month, but there are some tricks and tips that can make them grow faster, how to ensure all the nutrients that the body needs to form the wires and improve local blood circulation.

By following these tips, the hair and beard should grow faster, however, there are cases in which hair does not grow due to disease or to the accumulation of toxins in the body and, therefore, if you do not notice any change in 3 months, is advised a consultation with a dermatologist.

1. Eat more foods rich in protein

The protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, and yogurt, are required to form the matrix in the capillary, which gives rise to the hair and the beard, therefore, to ingest a higher amount of this nutrient the wires tend to grow faster and more beautiful. See home remedies to promote hair growth.

Check out a simple recipe to facilitate the growth of the hair and the beard in: carrot Juice for hair grow faster.

7 Tips to Grow Hair Faster 1

2. Massage the scalp or comb your hair

During the washing of yarn, it should make a good massage throughout the scalp with the tips of the fingers because it increases local blood circulation, favoring the growth of the hair. Those who do not wash your hair every day, you can comb the hair for a few good minutes, daily, because this habit also improves the blood circulation in the scalp.

When you want the beard to grow what you can do is ‘combing’ the region with a fine comb, for example.

3. Correct use of the conditioner

You shouldn’t put conditioner at the root because this hinders blood circulation in the scalp and the growth of the wires. For this reason we should apply the conditioner and the cream without rinsing, at a minimum, 4 fingers after the root of the hair.

4. Stop smoking and avoid using caps

7 Tips to Grow Hair Faster 2

To stop smoking and stay close to those who smoke is also important because smoking harms health and damages the hair, leaving it fragile and brittle. The habit of wearing caps and hats can muffle the root of the hair, hindering your growth, and increase the risk of development of fungi and, therefore, should be avoided.

5. Hold the hair

Grip the hair making a ponytail or a braid, for example, exerts a moderate pressure on the wires that can facilitate growth, but you need to be careful because, if there is too much pressure, the hair can break or fall off.

However, it is not recommended to hold the hair when it is wet because this can also facilitate the development of fungi, fragilizando the hair and leaving a smell less pleasant.

6. Moisturize your hair 1 time per week

Moisturize your strands weekly with a mask suitable for your hair type is important for the hair to grow beautiful and not be damaged. After washing the strands with shampoo and conditioner must rinse very well, until there is no trace of cream in the hair because the residues can hinder the growth of hair. To do a proper hydration here’s how to know your hair type.

People with hair very curly or afro may find that their hair takes a long time to grow, because they will be rolling naturally from the root, but this does not mean that do not grow normally. All of these tips can also be used to facilitate the growth of the beard and other hairs of the body.

Additionally, if you have light hair, but would like to lighten naturally even more wires but don’t know how, learn how to use chamomile to lighten the hair.

7. Take vitamins for hair grow

7 Tips to Grow Hair Faster 3

Vitamins, such as Pantogar and Innéov nutricare, are excellent to make hair grow because they nourish the root of the hair and improve the blood circulation in the region, what takes your hair to grow faster. See how to use Pantogar against hair loss. Also learn how to use the biotin for the hair to grow faster.