5 Tips to Strengthen Your Nails Weak

To strengthen the nails weak and brittle that you can do is to use a basis of strengthening of the nail, to protect your hands daily with gloves during household tasks, or to increase the consumption of some foods, for example.

The weak toenails can be easily treated, and your treatment may involve changes in dietary habits, good hygiene habits and small daily care with the nails, but the results expected may take some time to be achieved, it being necessary to take care daily of your nails.

The weakening of the nails can be caused by different factors, and is often caused by habits injurious to the nail, such as nail-biting or put the nails in contact with chemicals, such as detergent, without the protect, or by the lack of some vitamins in the feed. So, to leave your nails stronger and more beautiful there are some tips that you can follow as:

1. Use moisturizing cream for hands and nails

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Nails Weak 1

Apply a good moisturizing cream for hands and nails, helps to maintain hydration of the nail, leaving them stronger and more beautiful. In addition, there are also some specific creams to help in the treatment of the nails weak and brittle, which can be found in pharmacies and drugstores.

2. Use oils and bases for the empowering of the nail

For the treatment of the nails weak and brittle also there are some bases empowering of the nail and blended oils, which help to nourish and strengthen the nails. These products must be applied daily over the nail clean and free of enamel, and its formula usually has vitamins, such as vitamin B5, minerals and calcium, which strengthen and protect the nail.

3. Use only remover of nail Polish without acetone

Use remover of nail Polish without acetone is also an important caution to have when the nails are weak and brittle, since the acetone is a chemical that can be aggressive to nail the already very fragile. In addition, it should also reduce the number of times it goes in the salon to do your nails or on the number of times that paints the nail with enamel, as this just leaves your nails more sensitive and fragile.

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Nails Weak 2

4. Protect your hands and nails with gloves on the day-to-day

Protect your hands daily with gloves whenever you perform chores such as washing the dishes or cleaning the house, where it is necessary to keep the hands in contact with water or cleaning products that have chemicals in their composition, is another care that helps protect and care for your nails, avoiding them to become weak and brittle.

5. Eat more Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals

Increase the consumption of some foods such as gelatin, milk, egg, leafy vegetables dark such as spinach, wheat germ, spinach, avocado, sweet potato or liver, can help strengthen your nails, leaving them stronger, more beautiful and less brittle, since they are foods rich in Vitamin A, pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5, Iron, Calcium and Protein. Learn what foods are rich in protein in protein-rich Foods. In addition, these foods also help to replenish vitamins and nutrients that may be missing in the body, this being one of the main causes of the nails weak and brittle.However, in some cases the nails are weak and brittle can be a indication of the most serious health problems, such as anemia, poor circulation, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, for example, as these diseases decrease the arrival of nutrients to the nails, leaving them weak, with a tendency to flaking. So, if you have the nails very weak and very brittle it is recommended that you consult your dermatologist, so it can identify the cause of the weakening of the nail and indicate the best treatment.

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Nails Weak 3