Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Nail

You love griffatissimi glazes? Surely then you will lose your head for the new box set Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture nail Colour Collection!

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Nail

A real magic chest that contains fewer than 24 enamels in La Laque Couture signed by YSL: an elegant box as a gift, treat yourself and of course be present at the upcoming Christmas 2013. For now was presented at the international level but of course we hope it gets even in the beautiful country.

This magical and precious casket of Yves Saint Laurent enamels is a luxurious object of desire with essential design, but highly sought after, by the glossy black packaging with gold satin color special, just like the YSL logo that dominates the center of the pack.

As mentioned within this gift box are well 24 nail polishes of the most eclectic Parisian fashion house, one that, season after season, we Witch by his proposals to make up fashionable and always chic, loved by women and girls of all the world.

Let’s see all 24 glazes contained in this special gift box set Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Colour Collection:

– La Laque Couture 01 Red Pop Art;
– La Couture Lacquer 04 Coral Colisee;
– La Couture Lacquer 05 Coral Divine
– La Couture Lacquer 06 Red Diva;
– La Laque Couture 09 Fuchsia Timeless;
– La Couture Lacquer 10 Fuchsia Neo-Classic ;
– La Couture Lacquer 11 Rose Futuristic;
– La Couture Lacquer 13 Parma Graffiti;
– La Couture Lacquer 14 Violine surreal;
– La Couture Lacquer 15 Violet Baroque;
– La Couture Lacquer 18 Majorelle Blue;
– La Couture Lacquer 19 Brown Modern;
– Couture 21 Taupe Retro lacquer;
– La Couture 22 Beige Leger lacquer;
– La Couture 24 Rose Laque Abstract;
– La Couture Lacquer 25 Rose Romanesque;
– La Couture Lacquer 27 Black Primitive;
– La Couture Lacquer 28 Bronz Aztec;
– La Laque Couture 30 Base and Top Coat;
– Laque Couture Jade Imperial 34;
– The Laque Couture D’Orient Green 36;
– The Laque Couture Taupe Mauresqe 37;
– La Laque Couture 39 Beige Gallery;
– Laque Couture Edition 7 40 Sepia Art .

This beautiful gift box YSL containing the most chic and unavailable enamels brand will go on sale in the best perfumeries at international level since November 2013. The price? Luxurious of course, well 450 euro!

What do you think of this idea very special gift? We are certain that the fans will fall in love instantly signed enamel of enamel casket YSL La Laque Couture Colour Collection, just like us!