You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Which hairstyle suits me, what is the perfect Foundation tone for my skin color? There are questions from the world of beauty, you should answer that with 30.

  1. What hair style suits me? You should have left wild hairstyles transformations behind and know which cut best one fits in with 30.
  2. What hair color is best? This of course also applies to the colour of the hair.Wild Blondes -, Brown, or red experiments have made but also fun, but now you know what looks best.
  3. How do I find the right Foundation? We all know makeup that looks like a rigid mask.With 30, we (hopefully) have found out how to circumvent it.
  4. Which Rouge is me without that I look like a clown?
  5. How do beauty Blender, LinerDesigner and co. work?
  6. What cream is right for my skin type?
  7. My day cream should have an SPF? Here, the answer is always “Yes” by the way!
  8. Needs has my skin?It also questions can be derived which face serum to a fit, which mask and what scrub.
  9. An additional eye cream is useful? Here, too, the answer is always “Yes”.Because: The skin around the eyes is very thin and needs therefore intensive care and moisture.
  10. What is an overnight mask and why do you need it?
  11. I need more than a lipstick? Yes, and thus we mean no nude tones. Every woman should have access to a few crackers colors, because you always provide good mood – no matter, what time of year.
  12. Which Red fits perfectly on my lips? A red lipstick is also a must. We all sorts of models have tried and found the right tone in with 30.
  13. Thinly plucked or naturally bushy: what eyebrow shape is perfect?
  14. Bulky or slim Eyelash brush:what suits my Eyelash form?
  15. Which products can I access to the cheap drugstore product, when should brands-piece will be invested in an expensive?
  16. What hair brush is right for my hair texture?
  17. Such as the hand care is important? Our answer: Very important, because they say not for nothing, that can be read from the true age of the people on their hands. Therefore, the weekly exfoliation and the regular cream worth.
  18. For my hair, moisture or shine and softness, I want volume?Which shampoo is right for me?
  19. Why do you need a base coat colored Nail Polish?
  20. And why is there even a top coat?
  21. The manual toothbrush is more practical for me or an electric?
  22. How can I mix quickly own a SOS face mask or hair mask me?
  23. How many times must cosmetics be replaced or renewed?
  24. How often should beauty tools such as hair-dryer, make-up brush and co. be cleaned? And how do you make effective that, without harming the tools to?
  25. What benefit has natural cosmetics?
  26. What beauty products, it makes sense to exchange them with natural cosmetic alternatives?
  27. What the beautician of my confidence when I have to fight with blackheads and whiteheads, pimples or even very dry skin?
  28. Which perfume fits me? Also good: at least to know what perfume nuance to a fit. Then you can always sometimes vary between different perfumes.
  29. Where to I wear perfume, so that it keeps as long as possible and does not lose its scent?
  30. What is the best anti aging means?We mean: relax!