World Cup Puts the Summer Hairstyles

The most important thing is still to have a hairstyle that fits you and your style. However, some trends can we see for 2006.
As usual, it is what is happening around us influencing fashion and is an extra focus on sport and society.

Trend 1: Sports
The Winter Olympics are no big shot at putting hair trends of natural mice and helmet reasons. The biggest hairstyle trends for 2006 will be the World Cup to stand for.

Trend 2: Society
The troubles in the world and the elections in Sweden. The massive media space affects. This creates a trend with well-maintained and 50-talsinpirerade hairstyles.

Here comes spring and summer hairstyles:

Sporty SuperCard
Simple and easy to operate! It has made this hairstyle to a standing classic among athletes for decades. The same length all over the head, it is applicable.

TV4 sport-hairdo
Neoclassical football mistress. A typical half-ticket hairstyle combed up in a Mohawk hairstyle in the middle of the head using a whole bunch of wax, gel or spray. The gang at TV4 had a negative impact for the interest of this hairstyle here in Sweden, but hardly international.

As usual, it will surely turn up the occasional hockyfrilla of football teams, but it’s nothing to take after (this year either).

Military Crew Cut
Really short on the sides and in the neck. A bit longer on top. Military haircut that became popular among civilians for the first time in the 50 ‘s. This year will be the extra trendy about the hair on top rufsas for a bit.

Political välfriserat
Policy is highly topical. Both in real life and as entertainment. SVT comes with their new programs this week’s President. The White House and Commander in Chief draws millions of viewers each week. Hairstyles become then. Välfriserat and well-maintained. Pomade and waves.

Zlatan and protest far
When two trends takes a single expression can not be other than a hit. Political influences together with Zlataneffekten is unbeatable. Indeed, it’s very many long-haired models that have appeared on the displays of spring and summer fashions. The modern long haired guys differs from hippie hairstyles on the 70 ‘s. They are considerably shorter and välfriserade. The hair is cut to follow their natural case. Sideburns are small or nonexistent.