Women’s Fashion, Stocking Leggings

Will the time in that the socks had only the primary function of warm legs and feet, or to reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe. Especially in the world of fashion, the socks have a very important role, and may even be the protagonists of a look. For every occasion, and type of use, there is a style of sock that best will suit the visual and function.

In the warmer months of the year, the socks tend to be less present, but they’re still indispensable in some contexts and retain the charm of other production. You can’t think, for example, in sports or exercise in the gym with no socks. There is, however, a tendency to make them like that, what you get for using socks in the sneaker model, very short, to the point of virtually disappear inside the boot. The opposite effect is obtained with the also used socks long, usually superimposed to the legging, ensuring their strong presence in white or other colors.

Already the Ellus fashion show in Sao Paulo Fashion Week brought in his collection summer 2016, several looks compounds with fishnets 3/4 length, in black and off white and fluted grip finish. The trawler is a type of sock that continues as a trend, as well as pantyhose, used with dresses, skirts, Bermuda shorts. As this is a half-crafted and striking, remember to contrast it with simpler parts, containing “less information”.

Another trend to 2016 are the knee socks, or above it, those that soon associate collegiate style. Be in size 3/4, 5/8 (just below the knee), or 7/8 (above the knee), the proposed use of these long socks goes beyond this visual. His main inspiration is the street style, are for use on a daily basis and with various types of short pieces, like skirts, hot pants or dresses, always leaving a space of skin showing between the sock and the clothes bar. They can be white, black, colored or printed and promise to integrate not only the most romantic styles, but also others like the hip-hop and the rocker.

The pantyhose tights still in fashion and consists of a very versatile piece that can be used in warm weather and in cold days. Here at usprivateschoolsfinder you can get more different models and style.s The stocking leggings goes well with miniskirts, knee skirt, dress, chemise, shorts, shorts … If you have thicker legs, dark tones can help tune them, while light colors can produce the opposite effect in the thinner legs. Feet, use sneaker, sneakers, pumps, heel sandals, always depending on the clothes and the style you want.