What You Need to Know about The Makeup Prebases

The prebases or primers they have become indispensable products before makeup ritual. The market will already find multitude of prebases with different features and applications that will help to make our look perfect.

First we must know what they are, but sure most already know but if there are any scatterbrain or someone who is starting in the makeup Let’s remember what. The prebases are products that apply before makeup base helping not only to fix it but also help to equalize skin, reduce pores, fine lines and even some traffickers such as regulate sebum production and hydrate have also functions.

The prebases not only exist for the face, also for the eyes whose main function is to make that shadows in the eyelid last longer, is the case of the better-known pre-basic Too Faced shadow Insurance, the First Potion from Urban Decay or a more affordable as it is the of Art Deco.

How is the prebases used?

The use and application the prebases is very simple. Once we have our clean and hydrated skin we will apply the pre-basic for whole face leaving eyes without applying. We will notice skin unifies and diminish imperfections and it is true that Foundation lasts longer since the prebases are generally not fat.

There are liquid and with silicones as the of Sephora or the Base, Chanel Lumière for example I have this and I love the finish and then there are others that are liquid but as soon as they dry leave a more matte appearance and some powder coating as the mythical Universal Chanel white or the Smoothing veil of Shiseido, the problem with this latter type of prebases is that I notice that if you get dehydrated skin with pielecitas, these become more evident.

Are they recommended for every day?

I honestly prefer not to use them on a daily basis, I don’t like to think that I’m overloading the skin, but I understand that there will be people who prefer to use them on a daily basis by your needs. On the other hand also worries me the idea that the Silicones can clog pores, Some say that no and some say that Yes, I at least have it very clear.

Allergic or sensitive skins it is recommended that they are cautiously and try before in the forearm, best prevent has an unwanted reaction.

Prebases of colors

We can also found on the market prebases of colors Green, purple, Orange, etc.. but in this case its functions are far more corrective, what will be ideal for skin needing to match your skin tone. For example, if you have a very reddened skin a pre-basic of green camouflage Red.

It’s important not to be confused the prebases with the Illuminators, although there are prebases which at the same time setting and perfect skin also illuminate. But as such Illuminators are only to illuminate the skin not to correct, or camouflaging, although they do give better appearance, both liquids, powder and cream, although this will be subject to treat coming soon.