What Are the Best Tattoos on Ear

There are several unusual places where you can get a tattoo, is the case of the ears. Although they are more common tattoos behind the ear, it is also possible to draw between the folds. If you liked the idea and wants to know what are the best tattoos on ear, check out the images have to give it to you, to help you choose which drawing more matches your style.


  1. Increasingly there are supporters of tattoos on ear, although it is important to get a skilled professional who has the ability to make designs even in spaces well reduced. Of course, an experienced professional should be chosen to decide to do a tattoo regardless of where it is, but inside the ear is a sensitive region and, therefore, in addition to the professional ability must be very careful.
  1. Although there are a wide variety of designs that can be made on the inside of the ear, they all must appear in a reduced size, so the trick is to choose simpler images without many details. Not only because it is easier for the tattoo artist to do your job, but also because as soon as the result is more beautiful and clear. For those who like tattoos that location is perfect, discrete and tattooing a little flower, star or musical note.
  2. You can still opt for larger designs and yet the end result be delicate. Those who want something less discreet you can choose for a constellation of stars, multiple musical notes or a larger flower. But these are just a few examples, the most skilled tattoo artists can even draw between the folds of the ear a face, like the Betty Boop In this case, the image can be, even in the lobe, it wont be a region with a little more space for a picture full of details.
  3. Another part of the ear where it is possible to do well is in the delicate tattoos called Helix, i.e. the outermost fold she possesses. There the constellation of stars is very charming. However, even the men and women who prefer less delicate tattoos can avail themselves of the ear to immortalize an image. Examples are the tribal tattoos or geometric may extend the Helix of the ear. The design can still follow the rounded shape of the ear and keep the internal folds. Other tips is tattooed a skull or shark, nothing delicate options for the most daring.
  1. Among the best tattoos on ear are still the sea horse designs, owl, bow and arrow, dream filter, heart, diamond, with lace top, cat, butterfly, anchor, feather, among others. Who doesn’t want a tattoo only in the ear can make a design that expands to behind the ear, in the beginning of the neck, or even on the back literally the ear, where the service should be done very carefully. Already those who enjoy innovating and leave the visual still more creative can tattoo a flower around the hole of the piercing or earring, so by placing a round jewel will be the core of the flower.
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