Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Beautiful

Caring for your nails is a long way from always having enameled nails. In fact, using glazes very often and at intervals is, contrary to what many may think, harmful to the health of the nails: the chemical components contained in the product attack and weaken the nails.

Likewise, taking off the cuticle can always lead to many problems. In addition to removing nail protection against infection-causing microorganisms, the use of poorly sanitized pliers and spatulas in salons may end up causing serious illnesses from contamination.

In addition to simple care, such as not chewing your fingernails and keeping them always clean, other habits can be adopted to ensure the health of the nails. Contact with some types of products and even the excess water causes weakening and make the nails brittle.

“Sometimes it is necessary to use fortifying glazes and even specific vitamin tablets to strengthen the nail. If the case is more severe, consult a dermatologist to prescribe enamels, specific oils and oral treatment, “advises dermatologist Dr. Alessandra Drummond of the Murilo Drummond Clinic.

Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Beautiful

Check out ways to care for nails at home so they are always strong, healthy and beautiful:

1. Hydrate nails and cuticles

Moisturizing nails and cuticles is a habit that helps keep them healthy, strong and beautiful. Hydration should be done at least once a week, ideally daily, applying specific products to the area in circular motions.

2. Do not put your hands in your mouth.

“Saliva is acidic and very harmful to nail health,” says Heloiza Gomes, a manicure and podiatrist at Visage Coiffeur in Rio de Janeiro. The habit should be avoided especially soon after having the nails done, when they are most fragile.

3. Respect the natural shape of the nails

When it comes to nail polishing, it is important to keep in mind that the natural shape should be taken into account. Naturally round nails that are square sanded, for example, are more likely to break and not grow.

4. Make a gap between enamels

The enamelling process damages the nails. The ideal is that after removing the enamel, the nails are for some period at rest. The indication of the manicure Heloiza Gomes is that this time is at least 12 hours.

5. Have your own manicure kit

Having your own manicure material – sandpaper, pliers, spatulas, etc. – is critical to ensuring your health. If you do not have your own kit and go for a manicure, always look for places that use sterile or disposable products.

6. Be careful when sanding the top of the nails

Remember that the top of the nails is more fragile. “The top of the nail should be sanded with special products, usually square sponges more spongy. The movement, in this case, must be light and delicate, only to remove possible flakes and ripples, “teaches Heloiza.

7. Avoid contact with cleaning agents.

Cleaning products and products that have chlorine in the formulation harm nails and cuticles. To avoid direct contact, wear gloves and closed shoes when using these materials.

8. Check the expiration date of the enamel

Using nail polish, foundation or extra gloss that has already passed the shelf life is not good for nail health. Even if the appearance of the enamel is normal, always check the expiration date on the label before enamelling the nails.

9. Do not wear shoes that tighten the foot

Tight shoes do not only cause discomfort, but also damage the toenails as they hold them down. “The use of closed shoes must follow a rotational scheme; which means that the shoe used today should be placed in an airy place the next day while using another, “teaches dermatologist Alessandra Drummond.

10. Do not pull cuticle skin

Do not tear off any small pieces of skin that are bothering you. Similarly, do not start peeling the nails. These habits strike cuticles and nails.

11. Prefer not to take the cuticle

The cuticles protect the nails from infections caused by bacteria and fungi, so the best thing to do is not to take them off. “The less you take off, the less you need to take. If you do not remove the cuticle, the tendency is to be born thinner, “says Alessandra.

12. Dry your nails thoroughly

Whenever you bathe or wash your hands, dry your nails thoroughly. Leaving wet fingernails for a long time can cause disease, as the environment is favorable for fungi and bacteria.

13. Avoid the use of gloves with latex

Just as contact with cleaning products is harmful, latex gloves also damage the nails. Also take care of gloves that have a “powder” inside: after using them, wash your hands thoroughly.

14. Prefer enamel removers

Acetone dries the nails and is more aggressive than other enamel removers. When choosing the product, look for non-acetone-based removers that promote hydration of the nails.

15. Invest in oils for hydration

“The best way to hydrate the nail is with oils. It may be mineral or almond oil, “suggests dermatologist Alessandra Drummond.

16. Do not leave enamel for a long time in the nail

It is common to be satisfied with a nail polish that lasts a long time on the nails without peeling. However, try not to leave the same enamel for excessive time on the nails – after all, it is recommended that they have a time without the product, to “breathe”.

17. Careful when cutting corners

Cutting the nail corners further than necessary can cause them to grow differently, causing the nails to jam. It is best to cut the corners straight on both the toenails and the toenails.

18. Avoid excessive contact with water

Too much water can harm nail health. In addition to drying them well after wetting them, the ideal is that the contact time with water is not too long. Exaggerated contact can weaken the nails.

19. Use hypoallergenic products

Anyone who has any allergic reaction to enamel and still does not want to give up enameling, should always opt for hypoallergenic products. Watch for symptoms, usually itchy skin on places that came in contact with the enamel.

20. Take care of food

Your food will reflect on the appearance of your nails. So, just as a healthy diet will result in strong, healthy and beautiful nails, poor nutrition can give you brittle, weak, and not growing right nails.

Taking care of the nails to avoid diseases and fungi, keeping them clean, is not only a habit of vanity, but health. Take care.

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