Watermelon Nail-Learn How to Make

Walk with your nails painted and tidy is a lot of fun, in addition to showing caution, are beautiful. Do you like to do super different designs on the nails? Exotic and fun stuff? So, this tutorial is for you. Today you will learn how to make the watermelon nail, a drawing that is super sweet, cute and best of all: it’s super easy.

The two videos of watermelon nail tutorials can be found in LOCALCOLLEGEEXPLORER for inspiration.

Tutorial 1-watermelon nail

To do the first drawing, have: awhite enamel, black, green, the color watermelon(Pink), dotting tool and thin brush.

1) Start using watermelon color enamel, paint a little more than half of the nail, leaving an area without paint, as if you were going to make a French (pass two layers).

2) Wait to dry a bit and with the brush, make a white border around the watermelon glaze.

3) then pass the green enamel on the end left over, this color is going to look like a French.

4) With the dotting tool, make small balls of watermelon color enamel black, mimicking the seeds. Repeat the same procedure on all other nails and TCHAR. Prontisthe fingernail of watermelon!

Tutorial 2-nail of watermelon with rind

To follow the steps of the second tutorial, you will need: acetone, cotton, toothpick, fine brush, two green enamels (a dark and one clear), pens for nail art colors: black, white, green and watermelon color (if you do not have these pens at home, can use the brush or even a toothpick).

1) choose “only child”, will be one that will have a drawing of aslice of watermelon. (F)a French white set, wait to dry a little.

2) take the Green crayon and make another French, at the bottom of the white French.

3)With the glaze color of watermelon, make a triangle, until the tip of the blank and fill it in.

4) With the pen, dotting tool or toothpick, make the black balls in the color triangle of watermelon, imitating the seeds. Remembering that the watermelon slice will be made in only one finger, the famous “only child”.

5) In others, you will draw the watermelon with rind. It’s like this: paint your nails with a light green matte, take the dark green and with a toothpick or brush, make listrinhas/ride vertically.

6) after drying, rinse drying oil or extra brightness and estto prontthe fingernail of watermelon!