Victoria Beckham Changes of Look and Is The Short Hair!

Coincidence or strategy? His collection at the New York fashion week (that soon I will show) and will be available in stores from February, It has been fairly well received by critics and the public , Although the truth, they are more of the same, so you need not divert attention, so I say to the hairdressers in half the world, with this crisis, the be gently encouraged to renew their look that his legion of followers, not-so-anonymous and anonymous, go behind it.

We already know that it’s Victoria Beckham with hair is the goose that lays the golden eggs: brand guideline rather than trend, so I am afraid that now there is collapse in slates of all beauty salons .The truth is that this new haircut that has been committed, very thing Mia Farrow in the seed of the devil, but moreno, it seems to me the most sophisticated although all risk.

It is not suitable for all faces, but yours seems to have assimilated the drastic change to perfection, House with its features and it softens them, you will like ring finger to his estructurea bone, in short, it seems to me that it is gorgeous and exquisite what seem to you?