Use Hydroquinone Worth?

Patches on the skin can be a bother too. Who has sensitive skin you can’t go a minute without sunscreen that is enough to be full of little spots. Time to put on makeup and trying to hide the damage, only a professional to do such a thing. So, the way is to take them out of the place that don’t belong.

Some go to the dermatologist and other solve take the “recipe of friends”. It’s the old story: Jane Doe used and have great skin, I will use too! This is pretty common and you probably already did that in any situation. A product that is being fairly used is hydroquinone. Yes, it helps remove stains, but you know her well? Know the risks that it offers? No? Then read this text until the end.

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What is hydroquinone

Hydroquinone can remove the pigment of the skin, i.e. leave a certain area. And how does she do that? Simple: by inhibiting the production of melanin, a cell which gives the color to our skin. If you stain the skin because of Sun or for cause of acne, what happens too often, hydroquinone can help.


Like Hydroquinone may be sold without prescription, dermatologists are concerned about the indiscriminate use of this product. It can cause serious problems if used the wrong way.

How to use hydroquinone?

Here’s the bottom line. How to use the product without damage to the skin? After washing your face with mild soap and dry, apply the product. The amount is very small, think about the size of a pea and it will be enough. Place on top of stains and spread well. The skin should not be at the expense of the white cream. It is best to do this 30 minutes before sleep, at least, so that the cream does not get in his face and the skin absorbs everything.


There are some places that should be avoided as close to the eyes (no pass the dark circles), in the corner of the lips and nose. These regions are very sensitive and can cause problems. Other areas such as those with acne should also be avoided. In the morning, wash your face and remove the hydroquinone. Other recommendations are: pass not drying the skin moisturizer to use sunscreen with SPF 30, at least.

The feared side effects of hydroquinone

Behold, we come to this part. Essential care for anyone who uses this product is wash your face in the morning. Sunbathing with some remnant of cream on the face can get worse and stains to make them appear more of them. Other side effects that can arise are: itching, redness and dryness of the skin.


If you have these problems on the skin on the hydroquinone stay calm because this can be resolved. First, make an appointment with the dermatologist to do the correct treatment. Compress of Chamomile iced tea and Bepantol can help alleviate these problems.