Urban Mermaid O Boticario-New Collection and Prices

The O Boticario is very famous cosmetics company in the entire Brazil. The company is a large network of franchises, which also owned other brands too big as to Who Said Berenice? And Eudora. As well as the other stores, the Apothecary also has its fixed, makeup collections and one of the latest is the Intense, that brings to the consumer, quality makeup, convenience at an affordable price. The Intense will soon launch a new collection in your line, the Mermaids. The following ais on this collection which hits the stores this month yet and that will surely conquer many people.

New collection Mermaids the Urban Apothecary

To Intense branded makeup line, O Boticario, brought something new to their consumers, an exclusive collection inspired by the mermaids. That’s right, the collection Mermaids of the Intense Urban Apothecary brings a set of makeup inspired by the world of sereismo. Let’s check right after the details of each product.

Duo of Shadows: are two duos available with strong colors, but with cool colors, check it out:

Sea Mysterious: the combination of green and blue…

Fascinating Ocean: the combination of a purple pulled the lilac, with a green moss.

Liquid Illuminator Mermaid Charm: is a super versatile illuminator that can be used in various ways, below the eyebrow, the cheekbones, on top of the shadow in the corner of the eyes among other ways.

Pencil Duo look of Mermaid: two pencils in one, and one end is blue and the other green.

Mascara Seductive Marine: a Navy Blue mascara to rock in productions for both day and night.

Mermaid Bronze Blush Duo: two colors, the bronze and coral that can be used together or separately.

Moisturizing lipstick: the collection brings two colors of lipstick.

Charming Pink: pink very discreet and sensitive …

Irresistible Red: a striking and strong red.

Tempting Kisses lip gloss: is a gloss with fruit-color holographic effect.

Enamel Kit and Caviar: the combination of a metallic blue enamel with the caviar you can use to decorate your nails.

Necessaire: is a makeup bag with retro style perfect for load your collection with style.

Temporary tattoo is a cartouche with four prints, being a mermaid, swallow, anchor and waves. Is easy to apply and remove, leaves with alcohol.

The collection arrives in stores on the day 22 September 2014, and don’t waste your time because this is a limited edition.


Below prices of Intense Urban of the Sirens collection Apothecary.

Duo of Shadows: R$ 23.99 each; Liquid illuminator: R$ 24.99 each; Pencil duo: R$ 17.99 each; Mascara: R$ 29.99 each; Blush duo: R$ 30.99 each; Moisturizing lipstick: R$ 16.99 each; Lip gloss: R$ 18.99 each; Nail Polish Kit and Caviar: R$ 16.99 each; Necessaire: R$ 29.99 each; Temporary tattoos: R$ 15.99 each.